Famous YouTubers | My Parents React (Ep. 26)

– Damn, is my period coming out of the wrong spot? What up everyone, it's your girl, Superwoman And today my parents are reacting to some of your favorite YouTubers which means I've watched like two hours of YouTube to prepare which means, vodka

Just kidding, but also am I? I am, everyone is different and that's what makes us beautiful Without further adieu, mom, dad, take it away All right I'm gonna go draw a beard on my face now – Hello – Hello

– Paramjeet Singh – Manjeet Singh, Chandigarh, sector 17 – Today, we reacting to a YouTuber People who don't have real job – Just like Lilly

– First we have Aisha Mah-dee – Mah-dee, Mah-dee, Mah-dee Aisha Mah-dee – Okay, let us see – Hey guys, what is up? Welcome back to my channel

We are doing something that I haven't done in the– – Very clean room – If you don't follow me on Twitter, you really should – Oh no, wait this still ad How we skip? – This is a very long commercial – When does video start? It's like a music video for decoration Pew

Pew Pew Pew – These decorations prettier than Lilly – Heh? What it mean holographic? – Dumb head Holographic mean picture that is empty, hollow

So easy! Here are five things you need that you definitely do not have – Heh, brown Sharpie, like me That's right, I went to har-vard – It's Harvard, dumb head – Yeah, yeah this is what happens when kids have too much money, and time

And don't have work or real problems – Wait , wait, wait Hold on So, if I want to make nice pencil case, I also have to wear half naked shirt? – Modgepodge? White people – (foreign language) Just go to Ikea! – Gappy, gappy show

– The Guppy show – Oh, I know this one, she Lilly friend – My baby sister, I will literally find an murder you– – She seem really nice! – Why she have Kool Aid in her hair? – Welcome back! – She talking very a lot You know, this is why she have extra mouth on her shirt – Musicly? What the bloody hell is musicly? – Dating app

– Oh, sweetie Sweetie What the bloody hell is happening here? – Wait, what, wait She dating her sister now? Hold on, so she mad because her sister touching her lip but she wearing shirt with hole in it White people

– Oi, you can't say, "white people" okay? That's racist – Sorry, sorry, sorry Caucasian people – Thank you for being a part of my family and I'll see you next time – No, okay

Now we her bloody sister – That was a, very much a lot – Okay this one Lisa ka-shey – Liza, no sorry! Lisa

– Kaw-she Kawsh, Caution tape – How do you slow this video down? – Why everybody got to internet talk how anxiety make me feel? – Half naked women or half naked men– – Half naked women? Hm, must be Lilly You see this picture, Lilly posted this picture Bloody half naked! – I'm so confused is she Uber driver? – Is she Mrs

Frizzle? Is this the Magic School bus? She like Lilly, but cuter and better And also, not so disappointing – Huh? Boyfriend? Oi! Isn't she like a 12 year old? – Just kidding! – They starting young these days, you know? – It's like car pool karaoke, but she have no friends – Okay, I get it I understand She say one word that have a double meaning

So, people think she talking about one thing, but she talking about other thing And she do this over, and over, and over, and over again That's corny Oh, not this I'm talking about this

– So that is all I have for you guys There, say, "Hi," David– – Huh? Who the bloody hell is David? – Goober! – Oh Da-vid! Ah, Da-vid – Wait, wait, wait What is happening? – Wait, What is story? – Is that David? – Who the bloody hell David? – Nobody has a grill? I have a grill, okay? I make the best barbecue

– Who are these people? – My dad is a rockstar – You're dad is a rockstar? Wait, hold up I am not your dad – Here's the situation we have a — – (gasp) Bad word! – Bad word – Bad word

– Wait, is this Jim Carrey? – What is bloody plot? – Yup, drugs – Why? Why? Why? Why? Why you going to, oh, don't do that! – You need bloody boarding school – I understand This is why companies stopped advertising on YouTube – What is happening? – It's a bloody disaster

– Why they not bloody showing this on the news? – Tell me where to go, Nathan – Where are your parents? – Where his shirt? – Wait, you have merch? Is it straight jacket? Because it should be – What the bloody? It's stressing me out Other side This side

It's stressing me out – Okay, who next? Lilly, – Skip – Why everybody talking so fast? – His hair look like front of Titanic – Wait, this is bloody amazing – How he doing this? – Wow, you see, iPhone 10

– Bloody Harry Potter (screams) (giggles) – He's big and then he's small They do a special effect – Hey look, Lilly! Hello! That's my daughter Now they going to do hand shake

– Now they going to do high five – Now they going to take a selfie Come, let me see (pop music) – Never would I imagine that her lips would be so dry – Maybe special effect– (screams) – Next we have La-gan Paul

– Wait Paul is last name? It sounds like a first name – Paul La-gan That's better – Okay my head already hurts – Is everybody on the internet doing drugs? Hey Lilly, you doing drugs? – Why you yelling? – He kind of handsome

– So many bloody commercials in the middle of video Blah-la-la-la, shop Blah-la-la-la, shop Blah-la-la-la, shop By the way, make sure you buy GirlLove rafiki, GirlLove

com – Why you bugging random stranger? Gee, this is why the rest of world hate you bloody people lately – The application Vine died because of this – Hopefully he is only child – Why? Why? – Why? Why? Why? Why? – What the bloody hell the plate do? – This is why we need Amazonian women and Wonder Woman

Aries is controlling you – How many views this garbage have? 5 million views? What the bloody hell wrong with you people? – I tell you one thing, I like his hair You know whenever floor dirty, he can do handstand and mop – Okay, very nice Lilly, good friends! Okay, thank you Cut! I would rather drink one bottle of Windex than watch this again

– Wait Shh, Shh Do you hear that? It's the sound of young fandoms coming for me in the comments below Disclaimer! Disclaimer! Every single person my parents reacted to in this video gave me permission and knew I was going to do it And I'm friends with most of them so don't take it so seriously But you know what you should take seriously? This! Oh my god, so beautiful

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So thank you for all the support I'll shut the F up now Yo! Did you like this video? If you did, let me know Give me a thumbs up You want to watch similar parent reacts right over there

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