Expectations vs. Reality: Self Care

– Thank you so much for listening Honestly, this has been great, this is really helping me

Just it feels so good to be able to be my authentic self You know, and just turn off, be real, with no pressure So then he says, "Takes one to know one" (laughing) Do you think I'm funny? And nice Please think I'm funny and nice

What are you writing? I'm so happy I was able to express my emotions to you like a collected human being (crying) No, I'm telling you, I highly recommend it The benefits of therapy are priceless Son of a Wow You are hitting all of the right spots Oh wow, yeah, no this pressure is perfect – [Female] That hurts, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow

Tell 'em it hurts! (melodic music) (exhales deeply) (dog barking) (alarm sounding) (phone ringing) – I am love, I am light, I am practically Jay Shetty I am love, I am Wait, that's a real good Instagram caption

– All done – Thank you so much, appreciate it So pretty (melodic music) – [Male] Hey, you Nice nails

– All done – Thank you so much, appreciate it F me Perhaps our individual stories have led us to different paths, and the best use of my mind and energy would be to accept all that is That's great

Everybody dumb He's dumb, she's dumb They all dumb I'm feeling very effervescent today Feeling very efferte

No Feeling very efferen, veractesi Efferve, ven

Lilly good – Namaste I've been a yogi for 20 years and I'm an expert at this ancient practice

– Namaste all, my name is Jessica, welcome to Melrose Yoga Today we're gonna align our krishnas and do puja (upbeat pop music) – This is really nice I needed this, I've been craving some deep conversation – Oh my god, same

You know I've been reading this book about mindfulness and I'd love to share one of the teachings – Please – Bench, look at this meme – I mean let me see it – This sounds great, it's gonna be so oily and greasy and gonna turn me purple and I hate it

Oh It's not oily and greasy and I'm not purple I love it The only time reality is better than the expectation, and the only self care I can get on board with (melodic music) Oh hey there, thank you so much for watching this video, and huge shout out to Olay for sponsoring it

Y'all, summer's right around the corner and sun care is self care So grab yourself some Olay Sun and Olay Whip if you know what's good for you My last video's right over there, second vlog channel right over there, and subscribe because I'll be making videos out here One love Lilly, that is a wrap, and zoop

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