Everything You Do Is Offensive. Get Woke! (ft. Jay Shetty)

(sleigh bells jingling) (electronic chiming) – My grandson says things I don't understand – [Grandson] Anyway, she's part of the LGBTQI+ community, so

– What? – My son is suddenly, really politically correct – [Son] My friend whose pronouns are her, herself, and she is coming over tomorrow, okay Dad? – Who are all these people? – These days my kids get offended by everything – She's Japanese not Chinese – What's the difference? – Oh my God Mom, you can't say that – Are your kids too woke for you? Do you need to get on their level this holiday season? – It's not disabled, it's differently abled

(glass shattering) – Well now you can Introducing Get Woke, a step-by-step guide brought to you by the wokest person on the internet – Hi, I'm Jay Shetty, and I have an accent My 12-day program will teach you how to get offended, be PC, and suck the fun out of everything, just like your internet-savvy kids (bell dings) – LTB3I, what's the I stand for? – What you've been doing all these years is suddenly wrong

– And now it's time to Get Woke ♪ Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixon ♪ (buzzer beeps) – [Lilly And Jay] Get Woke! – It's important to be inclusive all the time, so no one ever feels left out – Reindeer should be from all faiths and ethnicities – One, two, three, go! ♪ And Dasher, Duggan, and Pedro, and Levon

♪ – What about Rudolph? – You mean the Muhammad? (bell dings) – Oh, this one's nice – [Jay] Not so fast! – [Lilly] Get Woke! – Use biodegradable wrapping paper made from recycled contents – You can even eat it after (paper crumpling) (woman grunts) (bell dings) – Surely there's nothing wrong with some milk and cookies – [Lilly And Jay] There's something wrong with everything

– Instead of cow's milk, use soy milk – High in estrogen – Instead of cow's milk, use almond milk – There you go – And make sure your cookies are sourced from a local farm

– It's important to support local, small businesses (bell dings) – I hope we have a white Christmas – You hope we have an inclusive Christmas (bell dings) – At least I can still kiss my wife under the mistletoe – With verbal consent

– Can we still make snow angels? – We can make snow people – Or snow butterflies (excessive bell dinging) – Merry Christmas – Nope – Hanukkah? – Try again

– Kwanzaa? – So close – It's December – [Lilly And Jay] Right on! – Stop making failed attempts at being woke like this – I look at people and I don't see color – And instead, use my 12-day program, because getting offended is the biggest trend of the year

(bell dings) – Well, can I still have a naughty and nice list – Of course – Wait, there's no women on this list – Maybe women should be nicer You know, women aren't that nice

– You're just mad you're not on the list – Hey, I hope you enjoyed that video with the one and only– – Jay – I am obsessed with this human being If you don't know who this is, what are you doing? His channel is in the link, make sure you check it out, subscribe Our last collaboration's right over there

My behind-the-scenes is over there Make sure you subscribe to this channel, because we're making dope videos and more collaborations One love Superwoman, that is a wrap and zoop!

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