Epic Rap Battles | Feat. iiSuperWomanii & T-Pain | ERB Reaction | AyChristene Reacts

Hey Buddies! It's your girl AyChristene and Today ok listen before we start this I love Lilly and I know in her vlog she was talking about she was working with erb but that's epic rap battles if you didn't know which i'm sure you guys will know i just found out at my stream when you guys told me what erb means I saw that came out I was like oh my goodnes when you watch it i want to share that with you guys because I don't have to be so freaking awesome so i'm excited because i love i really would have been growing I didn't come down Lilly call me everything ok so the link in the description box below for you to check out also don't forget to check out my second channel we're doing a lot of Christmas Tara yeah yeah yeah i just simply didn't ruin my eyebrow It doesn't matter!!! Link is in the description as well write it 100 yes with the woman you don't feel they're delivered on time on old head when I mind you but you stopped ringing line they can go right way by plane and they want them all just so beautiful and unique heritage like okay there's a lot happening at what time okay i love the washes over the phone doing this move which also kind of ties to Drake because you know that used to call me and don't worry operator will sing the whole song but yeah that's just that's like a lot happening at one time by her school is five girl whoo African people they're scared and that back for your kind words but ok have you come from come back bad being black or relocate to the board did you like least rabbit fur stories you running off with a ok ok ok we're both they'll get what they love about your beads that there even with their shots on both sides it's not like one side clearly dominating the other for the most friend is like fire on both sides in each other and always crappy thing about TC because DC Universe the movies lately been kinda you know kind of something that's not amazing but i love the hits she say to the dependent is saying you say you're independent but first we'll be running up we got how dependent set but yeah let's get going but loving the whole foot thick thing mr

the robot the background is get back to the you never tell the truth or not the lasso a white screen with the bomb as I got more promising pentas got started oh boy girl oh my gosh man who wonders what you think your record make me wish you started drinking and even will link to the best selection so you videos racing division question your equipment company maintains never knowing how stupid you look in your hands when you're this guy ok and then go kinda to like what I'm nervous about seeing the Wonder Woman video that's kinda wonder woman video Wonder Woman movie which I'm loving who they cast as wonder what she's beautiful I love her and I loved her in Batman V Superman I think she was the best thing about batman be superman and but I she has been invisible plane okay she's got the lasso truth and her little you know blade thingies so I'm not playthings gauntlets so I am a little nervous about how it's gonna be in the movie but it's funny that they made fun of that because i don't think anybody's really talking about how she's got invisible plane and get that movie maybe she's I don't know we'll see on the back of tests show you my word songs better than your bestie bowl of talking book by it's cover thank you father 19 different kids well I'm not true i didn't know he was gonna like that ok go Stevie not believe in your tea hours coming back from ya owe me a dance little that they're doing a bad name wow they got a great beat okay that's one thing that always have this really great be alright if i had to choose a winner alright i had to choose a winner i love i love Lily okay i love superwoman as wonder woman that's when a superwoman play wonder woman but I'm I feel like Stevie one this seems like the super fire like hit after hit like jabs at her they were doing great i think they're doing it I great with throwing stuff but his jobs i think they have hard like really hard wouldn't take my time or greater than your more grammys and stars in your you know panties the pitch is not really a bad word it's not not even not really it's not about words all everybody was not everybody is okay it doesn't matter let me know what she's not let me know what you thought what did you think the room and what that are Wonder Woman one or Stevie Wonder one which I guess that's about of wonder and vs wonder wonder woman for Stevie Wonder alright so let me know if there's any Christmas if there are any Christmas reaction videos that you like to see the channel during the month of Christmas don't forget any of the sort of your facebook snapchat subscribe to my channel and to my second channel for more awesome content and love you guys as always until oh we almost forgot if you like this video links in the description box below if you like this video I don't like that like button if it's I said the rest of them already I'm just this is really great and it just blew me through for loop but yes tell my thing

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