Emotions I Go Through When I See My Crush Online

Oh my God it is connected! Girl, it is connected! Okay, what do I do? What do I say? What do I wear? Okay, I'll make sure to be connected and visible, otherwise, he will never see me Okay

No! I can not write him immediately I'm having the desperate air Stop! I wait five minutes Be cool I'm cool, * breath * cool! And if it disconnects? I am now writing to him? I swear, if it disconnects, I kill myself! I'll see what he does

What What are you doing? Oh my God! His profile photo is super! * Kiss * "Oh my God! It's too good!" Okay, you're too cannon in this picture, I like Oh no! Now he knows I stalke! Write to him: "Hey!" I put a smiley or not? It's too much? I do not want to sound too serious But he must know that I'm funny I'm! A fun person! "Hey :)" But which one? How am I happy? How do I make him believe? I am 🙂 ? I am d ? I: P? This may be causing too, right? He loves Miley Cyrus "Do you like Miley Cyrus?" "You like

" It's been too whore? It's too much? Okay, no, "Hey" "Hey! :)" Oh God, why it takes ages to answer me ?! It takes ages! I knew it! I knew it was too! NOT OF SMILEY

Oh God he writes! He writes! Aaaah! He writes! He writes Again Okay why you take all your time? Still waiting

always you type WHAT Te WRITE?!? Oh My God, girl, he said "Heyy!" What do I do? What do I say? "Let me love you" Mario I need him to see my profile picture! He sees how beautiful I am! He liked at least? No no no no * Snort * Girl, can you comment on my photo to make it appear as a news feed? OR! Or can you tag by mistake? Oh my God! He asks me what I do! What do I do? What do I say? What do I do? What do I do? I want me to! BAM! Hmm I train I make my final set

He has answered! Oh my God, we have a conversation! "You train, huh? Your last sex?" Huh? That MY GOD NO! I wrote "sex"! I can not believe it! You're too stupid! "MDGs no, sorry Last SET of dumbbells, crunches, squats" "And you what are you doing?" Oh no! It was too much? Why am I so indiscreet? You're so beautiful! Be mine! Pity, to be

Who is that? That's his girlfriend? He has a girlfriend?! It is Who This

Whore? "Your girlfriend is too cute! I love her dress in this picture" Why not answer me ?! Oh my God, he writes! "MDR I have no girlfriend" "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" by Elton John "Broad out" RDX "Kotch" RDX "Okay, cool Sorry, I'll be back in a sec" "MDR another sex?" Wait, what? NOON! "I do not know, my laptop does not work" "I dunno" "What? My phone is STILL acting up?" "I never got your call!" "Look, it is written Missed Call"

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