Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes

– You're welcome in advance (horse neighing) (hooves clopping) (bells tinkling) What up everyone, it's your girl Super Woman

And well, well, well, look who's here again for a last minute Halloween costume because you's a waste-ew No worries, okay, from one waste-ew to another, I got you Just call me Lilly DYI because the following Halloween costumes are fast, easy, and cheap Let's go Up first, super easy, a woman who is scared to commit

(doorbell ringing) I'm Lilly This one's really weird because even when it's not Halloween people think I'm dressed up as her JK, JK, onto the real costumes Stop, why you, why you wasting these poor people's time? You ain't got nothing better to do For this next one, all you have to do is glue the letter E to a playing card, and then dress up like a striped insect

(doorbell ringing) I'm Cardi B, okur! Next, if you's really balling on a budget, I mean you can't even buy cat ears from the 99 cent store, don't trip, I got you, okay? This one just requires some practice (doorbell ringing) I'm a boomerang! Now if you're spending Halloween with your parents and you want a costume that will really scare them, this one is for you Dress up like a disappointment (doorbell ringing) I'm Lilly Since it's 2018 and we're all self-obsessed and trash, there are so many costume options, for example, this one all you need is a frame, wax paper, and a friend who's a pushover that will do anything for you

(doorbell ringing) I'm portrait mode Now if you want to go trick or treating but you also want to be like a little bit famous, this one is for you All you've gotta do is cut out some powerful words and then practice a pose (doorbell ringing) I'm a YouTube thumbnail Another really popular option is dressing up as someone who can't spell the word itinerary

(doorbell ringing) I'm, Lilly Okay, now if you're looking for something a little more edgy, a little bit like, yeah I'm PG-13, I mean I hit puberty, I'm trying to get a little bit (laughing) Just put a little bit of grass, or you know whatever else, whatever else, I mean no judgment, in some rolling paper (doorbell ringing) I'm a grasshopper If you want a funny costume that's also like, borderline nasty, this one is for you

Take some yellow food coloring, and put it in some water, and be prepared to walk around with a urine sample (doorbell ringing) I'm a chickpea This next one is only for people who have a functioning printer, so half of y'all can just skip over this Print out a month, any month, doesn't matter what month, this month that month, doesn't matter what month, and grab a highlighter (doorbell ringing) I'm The Weeknd

This next one is a little complex, but I have faith that you can do it Cut out a flag of Britain, grab a little tape, and (doorbell ringing) I'm Britney Spears Now if you's really a loser, this next one is perfect, grab some cat ears and be ready to flaunt your profession (doorbell ringing) I'm a purr-amedic

Wanna feel important and fabulous on Halloween? Oh, you wanna be part of Hollywood? Grab some chocolate and a spoon (doorbell ringing) I'm Reese Witherspoon Lastly, if you wanna dress up like this video, very easy, grab a belt and a watch (doorbell ringing) I'm a waste of time You get it

And there you have it, incredible, unique, hella easy Halloween costumes You gonna be the hippest person at the party, but if you wanna be even cooler, you should dress up as someone who subscribes to my channel So why don't you do that? Right now, do it right now! Also I wanted to let you know about my Halloween merch sale That's right, you're gonna save some money, and get some cavities this Halloween That really, this hurts my neck why do I do it

30% off all of these things, Lillysinghcom is the website, until November 1st, so go right now Don't be last minute about that Okay I'm not gonna come save you when you's super last minute about that 30% off, go right now, now, now, now! Go to the end card! (bells tinkling) Hope you enjoyed this very silly video

If you did, let me know by subscribing If you're watching this and you haven't subscribed yet, ask yourself why It's free, it's gonna make me happy, just do it Last video there, second vlog channel there, make sure you subscribe, I already said that One-love Super Woman, that is a wrap, and zoop! Whew, I talk fast

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