Duştaki İnsan Tipleri – IIsuperwomanII/ Türkçe Altyazılı

There are really two types of people in the shower: I voiding who work and he lied What's up folks I Superwoman

And I'm obsessed to take seriously the shower Yes, I'm getting something once a week And I discovered that showers are really weird places Why? MCA Because showers are about the human person may show very much

That analysis Number 1: Artist Shows Now of course most people sing in the shower, new bi 'this is not information But if you come to me, I say okay I just sing in the shower? I'm turning into a complete artist And I'm not talking just sing I'm talking about all kinds of shows I play their favorite movie scenes in the shower

THIS IS SPARTA! I would imitate their favorite music videos ♪ 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3 inside! ♪ And most importantly wall sing like love I'm looking deep into his eyes Seriously, I'm doing it, disgusting you, Is it weird? It is not is clean? Is not it? Is not it? Here are just a high waist jeans are outside of the shower and what a talentless wearing the pants

but I can graduate psychology while in the shower like Beyoncé and Leonardo DiCaprio's illegitimate child I'm like I'm an artist No, seriously, if the directors had taken a shower with me

I shut all the roles because they see how good I am Oh exactly, I think this could be the b-turn in both directions absolutely okay, but if I had anything sexual I could not close the rolls because of this role In summary the shower when I'm far more talented

* Krds npyn SHIFT * Leave me alone! And, cut Number 2: Neural Çöküntücü on Does this sound familiar to you? I'm a very good place, to be honest, yes, I love my life My day was very good, I had a great day at work everything supremely But I take a shower I'll call you later, okay? I love you! Bye! Yes Raise your hand if you did it at all

These people take their shower to escape from reality Get to escape from the Shitty days In the shower in a way that they allow to stand aghast to hit the water in the face And often think of things like this I think my life sucks I hate my job This day was junk Final fool all my friends

This redness worse Indeed, I cried in the shower Why? MCA Obviously people in movies yaptıy how dramatic this way and I can see that emotional appeared okay? See if I cry, I cry Oscar hakederek okay? I had my cry below average standard Deği- peanuts or something that animal? Number 3: Ocean killers Let's be honest everyone lingered in the shower But some people event will move to the next level and have something there 2 hours Never before in the shower when you come across a man with a very long rest by any chance, do you think that we could be dead? You know I'm talking about Let's be honest

those people staying too long in the shower And you say you know, it is probably better but still alive at least once that image in your mind and you will be like, "Okay, probably died, probably in place they lay like raisins, a psychopath that scene in the movie, I can see the bodies

" (Stuttering) Am I crazy? Because how else to spend two hours in the shower could be a logical OF THE Explanation Also wasting water, okay? Ocean are dying, there is a hard environment So you're using a lot of water on the Little Mermaid dry lips even though it roams around, like this: ♪ under the sea, under the sea ♪ I pull you flush the toilet 3 times future earnings of the country's film accelerate before making new star

4 Number: Wet waste of human Here we talk about a special kind of person Designed for cleaning in hygienic materials that you know found a place to turn into a hideous complexity of the human type Seriously shower of soap, shampoo and clean water would be but you're turning into a form of a litter box

Shampoo bottles and overturned everywhere have been left open, Bi 'the two pieces of soap waiting for me to die and pressing losses on the ground And this is not confined to the shower pollution, which comes out no getting worse Why? Because towels are optional! You know established by the harlem shake caused when you use the towel? So what's going on !? One never seen before entering the sink after exiting the shower you press a mop and water leaks in your feet and you'll be as follows: "How can this be? How did you come out of the sponge so water from the shower butt cheek?" the location of the sink, turned into a sea Now if I want to go to the bathroom prophet Moses You can call me that way I have to go to the toilet And certainly the most frustrating things about this man: Behold not come from tap water from the shower head also

you have to press the little button for varya They do not even care about these buttons, buttons that previously untouched Then I take a shower and small water taps And my head is sprayed with water You are a threat to society Do you see this hair? He sprinkled the tiny tiny juices It takes ten days to dry damn it! 5 Number: Removal Tissue removal Is that a real word? Caster, shed Such people are so annoying that I had devoted a special chapter to them And I know what you're thinking, do you think that How you like that seeming film Circle of Samara in the shower

you can be nervous people leaving the hair The thing is that if I poured my hair in the shower while I put it

I get a rash and goes, there I leave to exhibit Wet hair in the shower when I saw there was just released I can not tell you how I feel disgusting

And the thing is that most people do not understand As in: "What's the matter?" If it looks like a lawn guy shower, there is a problem If I feel the carpet at my feet when I entered the shower there is a problem If my dirty shower cabins and a hairdresser's call to clear wichtige there is a problem

If I thought for shower cabins Chewbacca role, there is a problem The shower takes you from my Humble POEt If there is more bushy beard, there is a problem If you want me to shower charity more hair Abilecekse donations, there is a problem

And listen to me, if I get my hands on the soap If you stuck a sexual organ hair, there is a problem And no, no to say: "No! Only my head severed a small strand of hair I swear "No

No one soap does not use the head This makes it a sexual organ and the House, we have a problem! Shower even hair glued to the wall do not want to talk about You know I'm talking about Wet and all were there and had a strange design like this

I would imitate the hair in the shower on the wall now I hate it all under control hair! In summary, subscribe

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