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If you have not seen my latest video, My mother dyed my hair Hello how are you? Welcome to my channel! I'll make a video art

again because lately I've done other videos as vlogs, covers and challenges In this video I'll show you how I

photo-realistic drawings So you say? Anyway, I'll show you how coloring I'll be drawing to Lilly Singh aka @iisuperwomanii So in this video I'll show you how coloring And he had made a video, I think this in Spanish I showed as coloring in digital in Photoshop I showed them not only as coloring, but also the whole process of how I make drawings in digital If they want, they can go see him

Also I leave all links to my social networks below and links to my online stores where you can find products like this shirt Do not move your camera! You can find this tee on Redbubble So without further ado, let's start with the video Before we start, I want to show you some drawings I've done with this technique Here I made the Key brothers, Emma Stone, and Gigi Hadid in which I am working and I really like this running

So I want to show as drawing with this technique First I have, well, my sheet and I have to take my pencils My pencils Faber-Castell It is not sponsored #noespromocion I chose the clearest I have pencil which it is the 4h and began sketching Remember to have a draft close so you can delete all

Not all, you need to correct And after a long time sketching, finally I finished Make sure while making sketch, you compare with the original image to make it as close as possible

and you can fix things that are wrong Then I get my colors, clean my room I'll start coloring your eyes sack all I need colors for the eyes, And the black and white are like the colors you use when drawing I begin with my eyes, I made a decision closer so that they can see

And I really liked were like the eyes, My favorite part is when I'm drawing I think that brings life to the person or drawing If all the drawing and to color leave white eyes, it would look like a ghost or a zombie Would have no life When I finish my eyes, I begin with skin, with other details such as eyebrows, mouth, nose so you look more complete If you realize, I have a paper under my hand

I usually use a glove, because it is more comfortable But the role is very useful because you can try colors in, before you use them in the drawing So you know what tone is It is also very useful because if you do not have that role, the drawing would be a disaster because all colors are esparcerian throughout the paper That serves the role

Seriously I recommend it Previously I used it and my drawings ended dirty and very smelly If you do not use paper I really recommend it because it will help a lot I always do first the shadows and then finished with the base color for a color

Then I do my hair, I liked how it turned out and then did other details of the clothes and all that The last thing I did was sign it and that was how it turned out! You can see it in my instagram, @drawingsbybellag Be sure to give like;) Welcome back! That's all I have for today, I hope you liked this video and if so do not forget to give like Also be sure to visit my social networks, I leave all links below And my online stores where you can find things like this, and this and this and this and this and this, and this

AND THIS and this shirt See you next week BYE !!!!

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