Drake Goes Trick or Treating On Halloween

[magical unicorn sounds] [Music Starts 'Hotline Bling' Parody] Halloween [Singing Captions on Screen] DRAKE/LILLY: Trick or Treat Boy Life! DRAKE/LILLY: Trick or Treat [Music Starts Parody] [Singing Captions on Screen] More pumpkin for you so watch how you speak [Music Starts Parody] [Singing Captions on Screen] [Music Starts Parody] Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeah [this is amazing] [more magical unicorn sounds] Hey yo! If you liked this video Give it a thumbs up Let's see how many likes we can get Now click right there for more videos of Drak

and BTS cos' this beard is fake Every Mondays and Thursdays I make new vids Click subscribe, this where comedy lives Come on now, let's say it as a group One Love Superwoman, that is a wrap, zoop!

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