Doja Cat – Juicy & Say So | My Parents React

(funky electronic music) – Hello everybody, my name Paramjeet Singh – Hello everybody, Manjeet Singh

Chandigarh, Sector 17 – Today, Lilly asked us to do another YouTube reaction I'm sure to something that is garbage – React! – It is Doga Cat – Doga Cat, okay, both dog and cat

– Oh God, I know this one, Tyga – Okay, cat, tiger, so many feline – Always rapping about dirty things (humming) Suck this – Ass this

– Snap this – Grab this – Saran wrap this – Now touch this – Now put this thing on top of this thing and butt

– Butt, butt – Butt, butt – Butt – Butt, butt, butt, butt, butt – Butt

– Butt, butt – And butt – Butt, butt, butt, butt, butt – Backside – Booty

– Buttocks – Butthole – So many butts – Inside butthole (gagging) Gross

– Butt! – Okay, let's talk about it – Juicy, okay, this can't be good (clearing throat) – Why we have cherries, huh? To put on my head? – I already hate it – Oh my God, she put cherries on her head – What the bloody hell are people making songs about? I eat lunch, also

I eat lunch, am I that way? – Natural booty? Okay, so you're telling me that your booty actually a cherry – Excuse me, ma'am, your heart broken – For bloody past ten years, I've been same clothes, why? Because I appreciate clothes These people, look what they're doing, huh? Wearing clothes and (mumbles) (shrieking) This the worst magic trick I've ever seen

– Oh my God, she is dead watermelon – When magician dump you halfway through song – There is hole in your pant! – What do you mean, "where you at," huh? She in produce section, is he dumb? – This the scariest food pyramid I've ever seen – I have no bloody idea what she's saying – You see, this is why there is shortage of food everywhere

Because Doga Cat make outfit out of it – What is point of wearing pant if your bum bum cheek is hanging out getting frostbite, huh, Doga? – Okay, I understand story She is mother, she is daughter, she gets F on test, she's spanking her bad, bad, do better, get more studying Okay, now she getting spanked by cherry – Okay, now she dressed like a football field, good

– The tennis court is juicy, good – Yes! The body unbelievable because you are cherry! Am I only one seeing this? – Okay, so much potassium! – What is nutritional value of this video, huh? – Po-tas-sium – You tell me everything happen for reason, what is reason huh? – Oh no, Tyga is here – You know, I never thought that Tiger King would be my second least favorite tiger, but look here we are! – Is camera guy sick, I'm getting motion sickness here! (moaning) (gagging) – This is much better – Good

– Oh – Good! – Oh! (shrieking) (sighs) (shrieking) – Look, when life give you lemons, make a bad song – Actually, you know what, I kind of like it now – I am sad – Hey Paramjeet, we have fruit? I want to make a music video

– I knew it, I knew it! Everything bad come from TikTok (tape unraveling) Don't at me – Okay, look at me dance – (mumbles) – Juicy! – I know this one, okay, Nacho Libre, I know – Okay, WWE wrestling! – I need to– how poo poo don't get stuck in the nail when this long, I need to know

– Hello, my hair is Kool-Aid! – There must be poo poo, I know there is poo poo (upbeat music) (mumbles) When does the music video start and when does Fruit Ninja ad end? (upbeat music) I don't know in these songs why they always have one guy who comes so close to bum bum like eh? Look, bum bum Are you bloody Tyga or are you gynecologist, huh? This how you get pink eye! – Hi, hello this is Manjeet Singh, Chandigarh Sector 17 Hi, I'm juicy, how are you? – Okay thank you someone, huh? We are doing another song, oh my god How many songs she have? – One more, one more song, okay! (laughs) (claps) Say so! – Say so, huh, what, you bloody think you Simon? – Let's do it! – Okay! – This the same girl? – How many hair colors she have? – I like this one too, this one good

– She bloody Pokemon? – Oh look, Bruno Mars! – I'm good at reading, okay she good at reading and she eat lunch, superstar – That's what I like, that's what I like – (mumbling) Oh you wearing tank top at work? Should I call HR? – Ha, I have no idea what's happening – There is butterfly on her pee pee – I think Doga have a back problem, she doing lot of this one– – (sighs) I can't do this one, I can't, I can't, I won't, can I jump out window? – Lot of this one, you know? Lot of– you need chiropractor? (sighs) (upbeat music) – Oh okay, Tyga again? I cannot escape this guy! (upbeat music) Hello, I can see your (mumbles) through your foil paper dress! I don't know what happening right now

– (mumbles) Who does that? (laughs) How embarrassing – Okay, okay, okay (laptop slams) It's not that I hate it, no no, it's just that if world ends, I won't be that sad – Maybe I should make song about my butt, huh? (funky electronic music) Hello everybody, Doga if you watching this I love you Doga Doga please call me, please tweet me, please DM me, Doga I love you so much, okay give me thumbs up, thank you so much, okay, thumbs up so Doga can see, our last video over there, watch that one

Over there some other garbage, make sure you subscribe Okay, one love Manjeet, do do do do

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