Dog Owners Be Like…

(horse whinnies) – Okay, I'll call you later, baby boo – [Man] Okay, love you

– No, I love you, pumpkin pie – [Man] Hang up, love you – No, you hang up, angel face – [Man] No, you hang up, sugar lumps – Fine, bye, handsome

– Baby boo, you're so lame – Not even, it's cute – Okay, I wouldn't be caught dead, oh hi handsome boy, my sugar plum baby waby fluffy wuffy (kisses) (upbeat music) Okay, there you go, pose with the pizza Come on, pose with the pizza, (camera clicks) but look this way

Okay, stay, no, no, stay, okay, come here Pose with the pizza, one more, okay, come on Stay, pose for mommy, okay? Okay, sit still (upbeat music) Okay, one more – Yeah, my son was up all night with the flu

– Aw, yeah no, I totally relate, my son was sick too – Oh, how old is your baby boy? – One, I mean, 15 in dog years Okay listen, from now on it's my way or the highway If you don't like it, there's the door Okay, no more fun and games

What a handsome boy, who's a good boy? You're a good boy And I don't want to have this conversation again Don't make me repeat myself Who wants their belly rubbed, you want your belly rubbed In fact, you know what, you, you're fired

Yes they are, yes they are fired, aren't they? This is not a laughing matter I'm in charge, I'm the boss, I'm strict, and I will kill you, okay, any questions? – Am I still fired? I said I'm sorry a million times, and I wrote you a song, and I cooked you dinner – Okay, well I'm sorry for not being impressed by your basicness (gasps) What a big yawn Wow, what a smart boy

So impressed with you, baby You're a moron This is him sleeping, aww, right? Look at that, he's singing Okay, look at that, oh my god, he's thinking, what am I gonna do today? Eating, he does that a couple times a day Okay, he's not doing anything here, but I took a picture anyways

(gasps) He's so cute, look Little baby (kisses) Are you pooping? ♪ All these people is my sons ♪ – Okay, that doesn't make any sense, Nicki, you can't just make people your sons, that's not how family works Hi my little baby boy, come to mama Are you my good little boy, yes you are, mommy loves you

♪ I'm gonna get some kicks for 'em ♪ – Has a dog for three days, instantly makes video featuring said dog Hi baby, you're a sleepy boy today This is my new puppy, Scarbro, and if you wanna follow Scarbro on Instagram, which you 100% should because hello, look at this face, @ScarbroTheDawg is where he's at and he's such a little ladies' man, isn't he? Mommy, I'm sleepy, okay, go to the end card Yo, did you like that video? Make sure to give it a thumbs up, share it with all your fellow dog owners as well, tell them to check it out My last video right over there, second vlog channel right over there

Make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday and you already know this guy's gonna be in them One love Superwoman, that is a wrap, and zoom

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