Do Periods Actually Make Women Moody? Ft. iiSuperwomanii

That's Lilly, also known as superwoman on YouTube And as a member of the female sex, experiencing her menstrual period each month

You know, when I first got menstruation I had no idea what was going on I went to the laundry room, tra la la la, I took off my underwear and I said: "What is this?" Because I had anyone speak about it, so I was worried My mind was upside down "I fell on the bike today?" I had no idea what was going on

I'm sure most girls go through it as you hate it but you can not look away So I thought, "I'm dying, I'm dying" What can you or you do not recognize is that every time a woman is menstruating, it's because her body prepared to get pregnant and have a baby You know what keeps our species? Yes Every month a woman's body goes through an incredibly complex and fascinating transformation called a menstrual cycle

It all starts in the ovaries, which each contain over 100,000 eggs Once a month, one egg is released which takes about 3 days journey to the uterus and during the journey, the uterus lining begins to form which is rich in nutrients and everything necessary to create life Under certain circumstances, sperm fertilizes an egg and start a pregnancy in the womb However, before this, women ovaries increases the production of estrogen and progesterone hormones, and these hormones promote and maintain a lining But the hormones also enter into the bloodstream and travel throughout the body, including the brain

It's obvious that and progesterone tend to collisions with other chemical connections in the brain, called neurotransmitters And this can lead to a known syndrome or premenstuačnímu also known as PMS "WHY periods are so horrible ?!" science So there are different substances in my brain and they are all completely deranged, playing with my mind every month I think science is playing with my with my consciousness I am anxious and annoying and I not even begun to menstruate This provides an interesting insight: PMS is not the same such as menstruation, which is probably one of the biggest myths ever

It actually begins 7-14 days before a girl any, signs of bleeding This is because the levels of estrogen and progesterone creating lining soar Approximately 50-80% of women experienced some degree of physical or psychyckých PMS symptoms, but a lot of them that are not even aware of Ohodně PMS can occur before menstruation itself, but maintains the current era myth it is menstruation that causes these hormonal changes PMS may manifest as psychological symptom such as mood swings

Terribly I hate you, But you're the cutest, but I want to kill you Rage Cry Popudivost It's alright

It's alright It's alright It's alright It's alright Or as psychological symptoms such as abdominal pain, insomnia, nausea

PMS one woman is not the same as other women, důvpod which is why professional zrdravotnící have trouble finding bright and clear understanding of how it all It works Other psychological changes also appear The amygdala in the brain that controls emotion, increasing its activity Also we observe lower levels of well-experienced agents serotonin and the neurotransmitters GABA, which has anti-anxious effect, which causes the stress and anxiety increases Oh, okay, so, you are thinking about why I feel this way when all these things happen in my body? Because I can become a great poisoning and I can not control it

It is something like: "I want to kiss you, but I do not want you to touch me" Because you're so good looking, but I hate you And I want a mountain of chocolate And here I think of that maybe I'm just a bad day, or I'm crazy because it does not happen at the same time as my menses But no, it could be just PMS

But when menstruation begins, these hormone levels drop quickly When no fertilization does not occur, estrogen and progesterone levels drop and the body begins to realize that nothing is happening A result will literally fall off layer that is formed to potential fetus And this shedding of mucous membranes and can not go anywhere else than outside, which has COURSE also their hooks But this is what happens when truly funny part begins

Because even if there is the same amount of hormones moving in my brain, I spit unused mucous membrane and blood ON MY body Actually, it's funny because it causes cramps and bloating and great need to go make my 'dirty, but do not have the opportunity Of course, when it ends, the cycle starts again and the whole cycle again, who's needed to maintain our human species So when he's not your day, dude, you know, I am doing this for humanity Because this world is only a few immutable cycles

The sun rises and sets high tide and low tide And my menstruation So I treasure it Fact

Women are so cool okay? We will give autographs all night Really Without permanent menstrual cycle, our human existence He would completely disappear So even though this event may cause these changes in mood so it's definitely worth it

So thank women for what they are settled with PMS and menstruation We owe you for this one Make sure to visit this amazing Lilliný iiSuperwomanii YouTube channel for more videos sensational Indeed, she is one the funniest people on YouTube Add a link below the video

And let us subscription for more scientific videos every week No, but really, simply, you can really go crazy when you have your period If you do not believe me, this is kind of a self-portrait I did who's When I had menstruation Nice

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