Disney Character House Party | Lilly Singh

(horse galloping) (sibilant and swift movement) (fist knocking on door) – Back so soon Oh, I thought you were father

(Jasmine laughs) False Alarm! (crowd cheers and dance music starts) Come in! We're playing pin the tail on Eeyore (donkey brays) – [Crowd] Gaston! Gaston! Gaston! (a single bell chimes) ♫ Oh, No one fights like Gaston, douses lights like Gaston – [Gaston] And in the bedroom, no one bites like Gaston – Oh look, Puss in Boots – You know, I always wanted to be a referee – Why? So you could share steroids with the athletes? – No, because I'd love to hit that bell

♫ No one fights like Gaston – But he's so hot I don't know why you're not with him – Um literally, my boyfriend's a beast in bed (Belle and her friend laugh) – I'm the exact same way (egg cracking open) – So wait, you were sleeping, and he just starting kissing you? – Yeah, we have a court date for December

How are you? – Okay, I found a box of Frosted Flakes under Rajah's bed I mean, I guess that's what tigers his age do I told Aladdin to have a talk (snoring) – [Crowd] Do it! Do it! Do it! – Aladdin! (crowd cheers) – I believe I can fly I believe I can touch the sky – Aladdin, what did we say about drinking and flying? – Oh c'mon Princess Jasmine You didn't mind when I showed you the world – You showed me Agrabah

Okay that's when things were safer Now, 41 percent of republicans want to bomb us – Curse them – Who turned up the AC? – Sorry I'm late I tried to call, but my phone froze

– Well, well, well what have we here Good day love I'm Caption Jack Sparrow – And I'm not interested – Oh c'mon my little snow angel

How about a love story that doesn't involve your sister this time? – Okay, let's just let it go – You're a queen I'm a pirate I ship it – Okay, maybe if the ship was called Titanic, 'cause right now I've loved to see another Jack freeze to death

– Ice cold I love it – Simba's drunk! I'll get the tranquilizers – You know sometimes I think that lion's emotionally scarred – You know? Like Scar, Lion King – [Princess Elsa] Yeah, we got it

– Alright (snoring) – So, how are things going with you and Ariel? – A little fishy She's got a weird foot fetish How about with you and Jasmine? – Good, I guess Sometimes she has her head up in the clouds

What about you Pinocchio? You ating any hot dolls lately? – Oh yeah, you know things between me and Barbie have been getting pretty serious I mean, Strawberry Shortcake Cabbage Patch – What about you Olaf? – Are you done packing yet? – Almost, I have so many antlers – Man, I still can't believe we're moving

– I know I'm going to miss Netflix – Hey, but at least you're brown in this video Still praying for that live action – Don't get me started

Apparently, Emma Watson likes green screen more than a real man – Anyways, I should go I have an early shift at Disneyland tomorrow – Have fun – Moana's 18 now right? – You're such a street rat

– I said Moana not Lilo, jeeze Just saying, who knows how far she'll go (chamber closing) – Did you like this video? If you did give it a big thumbs up, and check out my last video right over there It's hilarious It is types of people in horror movies

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