Crazy Things Girls Expect In Relationships (ft. Anthony Padilla)

– Ladies, I'm about to spill all of our tea What up everyone, it's your girl Superwoman

And this is why I'm gonna be single forever Listen, I'm not one of those delusional people that's all like, oh I'm single because the world is unfair and guys are jerks, what no, no Okay, I am single because I'm a hot effing mess, and I expect people to read my mind For example, I know what I want in a relationship But then sometimes I also randomly want the opposite of that, do you know what I mean, and I just need someone to figure out the algorithm

For example, if I'm venting, I know what I need in return Jessica is so annoying And she thinks that I'm stubborn, me That's insane, she's an insane person, I'm the most like unstubborn person ever – Unstubborn? I think you mean not stubborn or something, I dunno, it just doesn't sound right

– No, unstubborn It's a word, I just used it in a sentence – I don't think that makes it a real word – Oh my God, unstubborn, it's a word, it is – Look, maybe Jessica has a point, though

– You are literally never on my side, I can never rely on you, argh! – Oh my God – But then, this is also me Jessica is insane I agree, she's completely wrong, and she's acting like an idiot – Okay well she's not an idiot

– Yeah but she's wrong I'm on your side – Okay you're not just supposed to agree with me You're supposed to show me a different point of view so I can grow as a person Ugh, whatever

All I'm asking is for you to agree with me and challenge me at the same time Is that so much to ask? Here's another example, right, when I'm in the mood, tss This is all I want Okay honestly why can't you ever just make the first move – What? – Yeah, I'm sitting here, I'm clearly in the mood, like, pull my hair or something

– You want my first move to be pulling your hair? – Okay, not like ripping it out, don't turn me into Mr Clean, but give it a tug or something – Okay – Never mind But then on a different day, this is also me (jazzy music) – Hey

You look so sexy right now – Really? Because I'm clearly watching a movie right now, and now I just missed what that guy said and we have to rewind it C'mon – Yeah, I'm sorry, sorry – Is sex all you think about? It's also really important to me to date someone who's confident enough to be himself, and make his own decisions

I don't want to feel like a babysitter – How do I look? I want your parents to be impressed, you know? And what should we talk about? – Babe, just be yourself, okay, I need you to be confident Like I'm not your mother, I cannot hold your hand and walk you through everything, you need to do this on your own – Okay – But then, this is also me

– Alright, ready to go – Wait, are you really gonna wear that shirt? – Yeah, what's wrong with it? – I feel like it just screams, I don't care – I do care, and I'll prove it with insightful conversation – Okay on that note, we need to go over some talking points Okay, number one, don't tell any jokes, you're not funny

– Okay – And when it comes to commitment, I obviously want someone who's serious and not gonna eff around Question Where do you see this relationship going? – Oh, we've only been dating each other for like, what, two months? We're still getting to know each other, right? – Wow Okay

– I mean- – Okay But then like a random Tuesday after half a cosmo, this is also me – Hey, so, we've been dating for two years now I was thinking maybe we could talk about what our future looks like together – Woah, future? Woah, that's moving a little too fast for me

– Okay, um – Could you pass me some water? – Um, yeah, sure – Thank you so much Actually could you leave? – Just – Yeah, could you just leave? I'm super stressed right now, you, really stressed, thank you so much, thanks

Can you lock the door? And literally the worst thing in the world is when a guy gets jealous, mm-mm, that ish is so unattractive – Hey, uh, did you comment on Joey's picture and call him sexy? – Yeah Oh it was such a good picture – See you can't comment things like that on other guys' photos when you're together with me Plus, I'm way sexier, right? – What, now I can't talk to other guys? Let me live, Anthony, I'm suffocating

But then, when I'm feeling petty as eff, this is also me I had such a good time at that party Joey is great, we had such a long conversation together – He's such a great a great guy, I agree – Really nice

– I know – Would it kill you to care so much about me where you would get jealous sometimes? Just sometimes – You want me to get jealous? – Yeah, sometimes it's nice Nick Jonas gets jealous and he's a superstar, so I really don't think you're above it – Okay but I don't feel threatened, so

– Are you saying I'm not desirable? – What are you, what are you doing in there? – So yeah, I'm totally aware of the contradictions I expect in a relationship But, when it comes to you, I know exactly what I want from our relationship, and that is if you liked this video or any of my other videos, subscribe Because that ish matters, so go ahead and click that button And, don't forget to hit the bell so you can be notified every time I upload a new video Let me know when you're done

– I did it babe! I clicked the bell – Okay, why do you always have to rub it in my face when you do things like you want some sort of credit? Why can't you just silently support me? – You know what, you're crazy – Do not talk to me like that, that is very unattractive – You're a lunatic I'm done

– I am so turned on right now Yo, did you like that video? Ladies, if you can relate, give this video a thumbs up though so I know I'm not alone Last video over there, bloopers for this video over there, show Anthony's channel some love, the link is in the description, and make sure you subscribe to me Because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday One love superwoman! That is a wrap and zoop

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