Comedy Skit With Dr. Phil Gone Wrong

(sleigh bells jingling) (applause) – Hey, welcome back to the show Today, we have a couple who's been going through some tough times

Paramjeet says she just cannot get along with her husband because, well, she says he's a dumb head So welcome to the show (applause) – Thank you – Hello – Why is Manjeet a dumb head? – Because he's always doing dumb things

– Such as? (mouth swishing noises) (audience laughter) (clears throat, retches) – He loud, his joke not funny, he bloody dance weird – I dance weird? No, I dance like the Prahbu Deva, okay? – What is a Prahbu Deva? (applause) – Oh, I see – Look, always has to put on bloody show, okay? Look at me, I'm such a cool guy – No, okay, listen, you know what the problem is, Mr Phil? – Dr Phil – You're a medical doctor? – Psychologist

– Huh, okay You know what the problem is, Mr Phil? Okay, she's always bloody putting me down, that's it Why'd you agree to arranged marriage if you're going to accept stranger for who they are? – You shut up – You can't talk to me like that

(Couple incoherently arguing over each other) – Hold on, hold on now – You know what I think the problem is? Lilly, why do you feel the need to dress up as your parents? (record scratching to a stop) – Actually, no, Dr Phil, I think line is you prompting dance battle, no? – Is this because you got all this baggage from your childhood, so you're carrying it into your adulthood and you just won't let it go? – No, the script says you need to say something else – I know what the script says, but I want to talk to Lilly – Okay

– So tell me about your childhood – It was bloody great, good time – As Lilly (scoffs) – Okay (accent changes from Indian to American) I mean, yeah, it was good

Sure, it was a little tough sometimes but it's okay – So tough Why was it tough? – Why was it tough, huh? I give her bloody everything – What do you, a ventriloquist? I'm talking to Lilly right now (crowd laughter) – Okay

– I don't know, I guess, you know, my Indian parents are so concerned with what other people think – Huh, what, that's not true That's not true (whispers) That's not true You say this in front of Dr

Phil (crowd laughter) – Yeah, and then, they make decisions about their children to impress other people – So is it fair to say you did not feel in control of your life? – Yes, absolutely, for sure All I wanted my parents to do was understand and listen – Huh, what'd she say? (crowd laughter) – Yeah, Lilly, I think you got a control complex

– Huh, that's right, you see Lilly? I tell her all the time she have complex She have control complex (scoffs) – No I don't have a complex – But you dressing up as your parents is just your attempt at trying to control the way they made you feel

– Me dressing up as my parents is just funny, that's all Okay, there's no deeper meaning – Look, I think when people disagree with you, you deal with it by becoming them and controlling the narrative – Well, I disagree and I think you're just being mean to me – [Woman's voice] Okay, wait, wait, I'm sorry

I'm being a big old meanie – I didn't say that – Really? Then who did? – I actually think you're really healthy and this guy's just full of bologna – Right? – Hello, thank you so much for watching this video with – Dr Phil! – So nice, so smart, make sure you listen to new podcast called "Phil In the Blanks"

So smart, degrees, see what happen? You too, Janet, down below, make sure you subscribe and BTS over there, last collaboration over there, make sure you subscribe and we making new videos over here, okay? One love, superman, that is wrap, and done!

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