Call the Damn Uber!

-Yo, should we call an Uber? -Definitely -Yeah, yeah So should I call the Uber and then? -No, I can call it if you want

-Or I can, it's really not a big deal I don't mind either Okay, cool It's fine I'll call the Uber -Are you sure? 'Cause 'Cause I can I-I can

Okay, fine Yeah you call the Uber Oh

Okay, yeah Cool, alright cool {Conversation} Oh, sorry, I got sidetracked *tsk* You got sidetracked, that That-that's not even the right app, You're on Instagram right now

-Uh Switch that over there Wait, honestly, do I even have Uber? No, no you do

Right there, that big "U" That big "U"? That's Uber Yeah, oh, she's she's good She got it Yeah

She's gonna called uber Are you good? Yeah Did you guys have those cheese things? -I did, but they kinda- -Fire -Do you have to, like, run in the bathroom? What's taking so long Allie, I don't know drop off a dress can somebody else just all the drop to your house We're going to your house Oh, we're going to my place you forgot Okay? Yeah, you know the guy stop playing games I could call you okay Yeah, it's just it's not accepting my credit card

Oh, yeah It's probably cuz I'm Canadian so the transfer Right for sure, for sure What's your bank? What? Who do you bank with? Chase Siri, call Chase Bank

-You know, I can- -NO! Stop Did you go call the Uber? My PHONE's dying 47% damn Don't worry, whatchugot, girl, 3, 4, iPhone X? Portable charge here, I GOTchu, whatever you need What's your problem? Dude? What's mine? What's? What's mine? The I don't have a problem Okay, all I know is that YOU said, you were gonna "Call the Uber"And now we're out here, loitering We're loitering on these streets- we can get fined Are YOU gonna pay the fine? I'm not gonna pay the fine You gon' pay the fine? -Lilly, it's "fine" No, no, it's not fine, okay, because empty promises is not a mode of transportation -Okay, I'm sorry (If) you say you're gonna do something, you should do it

Okay? Because your reliability is getting ZERO stars right now Girl, I can call it, it's not a big deal No *gibberish* NO! 'kay, all y'all trash! Okay? Y'all know that I'M gonna call the Uber *Annoyed Gibberish* I've always called the Uber Do you mind? I mean if youWanna call the Uber Yeah, that's cool, if you got it If you're cool with it *sighs* I'm starving Yo, should we order a pizza? *Muttered agreeing* So should I order the pizza? -I mean, I could- I could get it

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I can't breathe get out of the car

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