BTS – Blood, Sweat and Tears | My Parents React (Ep. 21)

– Oh hey, I didn't see you there (horse neigh and clip clopping) (wind swooshes) What up everyone? It's your girl Superwoman

Why am I in a washroom? Because that lighting, doe And for the past three weeks, ya'll have been begging me to make this video I have gotten hundreds and hundreds of comments saying, "Please make a Your Parents React "to Blood, Sweat and Tears by BTS" Now in case you're living under a rock and you don't know who this is, what this is, or what the eff is going on, BTS is a K-pop group and I don't know a lot about K-pop but I know that every time I listen to it, I like it, I like it a lot And my parents have never reacted to K-pop before so I thought this would be a really good first time, so prepare yourselves for my mom and dad to react to some K-pop

Yo, Mom you ready? – [Mom] Don't you bloody say yo to me, kay? – Enjoy – Hello – Hello (laughs) Oop I'm going to doctor for, don't worry

(Laughs) Stupid Lilly Good, good, I am man (laughs) – Today, we're doing something new We're reacting to BTS, oh, behind the scene – Today, we reacting BTS, Blood, Sweat and Tear

– Blood, Sweat and Tear, hm Sounds like a childbirth Behind the scenes of a childbirth I think is gonna be beautiful story A very beautiful story I never want to do again, okay? No, no, no, don't Lilly, I love you (kisses air) I love you baby

She crazy – What the hell is this? Why there so many gang sign in title, looking like What is this? This a K-pop Now, I don't know too much about K-pop but I do know that one girl, CL, I like her Oh, CL, BTS, you see, no names, just letters

I could be K-pop artist My name would be MJ Original, nobody done before – Okay, start reaction now – Okay, I'm going to press play on Apple now and we're going to react, thank you

– Oh look, a pac-man Oh la la la la la (laughs) Big hit, that's right – Oh, they at Picasso house – Why the statue not have arm? I'm art

This art? This called accident – Boy, why you hitting your brother, huh? Where your mother, please – Riding a bike inside house, leh – Oh, I like their clothes OOTD

How they say, how they say, on point Not off point, on top of point – Oh, I like this background (sings) Sound like an angel, sound like Adele ♫ Ah

♫ Falling in deep – Oh snap, go on with your bad self I mean, oh very nice, I like, very nice – Okay, look at this modern boys, okay Oh, you see the covering eyes

They going to play pin tail on donkey – They so pretty This a girl or boy? This boy prettier than Lilly – Marching band, uh Blood, du-ga-du-ga-du-ga, sweat, du-du-du-da, tear, dudududa

– Wait, what the bloody hell they saying? This a English? They so beautiful – This a English? – This boy could be my woman crush Wednesday and my man crush Monday – You got my what? You got my cow? ♫ Got my cow No, give me my cow back, why would they take my cow? – Oh, hello, there is fire happening, fire, fire, wrong song – I understand, this Matrix

This a Korean Matrix I don't understand, where subtitle? How come no subtitle? What this, CC? What the bloody hell this, I'm not sending email Okay, now English No, no, no, this English, is it? Okay now Okay now English? – Oh look at this one, Katniss, Katniss

(whistles) The jacket like that can bejeweled Ding, ding, ding, just like that – Oh look, they're dancing like me They look like me, you know Boy, why you eating candle wax? What bloody food group this is, huh? – Oh, money, money, money, always money, money, money

What, why you touching peepee, huh? Why you touching peepee like? If it itches, you go see doctor, okay? – Money, money, money, okay, he touching peepee Why you do like that? We talking about money then you talking peepee? – This very nice table, I want one I want one table like this Okay, hello, hello, nobody calling nine hundred 11 – These days, bloody nobody listen to fire alarm

(Gasps) They want money, your friend just died – Good boy (gasps) He kill himself – Oh, I understand, want money because video broken Look, video broken, hello, cameraman

– I don't really know what happening right now but I like it – This very interesting way of doing laundry – This turning into bloody horror movie – Why nobody asking questions? Smoking bad, okay That's it, your leg going to break

I want to make a sari out of this shirt It's very nice What the hell happened here? – [Voiceover] Hato was a – Morgan Freemen? – Why this turn into audiobook? – What the hell happening here? – Oh my god, this audible Not a YouTube BTS, no more audible, please

What the bloody hell happening (organ music) Hello? Lilly? – You know, a 100% of Asian kid know how to play piano 100%, they tell you on news Lilly, she'll not play with my heart – These people crazy

– Look like a devil – Draconis – Look like a gargoyle – What this bird? That's so raven? This your dad? What happening here? – You're going to break it You're going to hit it, you're going to smash it

What happening, what happening? What happening here? What the bloody hell happening here? Why you moving closer? What, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what? Why you kissing statue? What the bloody hell you're doing? – What, what, what, oh, why you doing like this? – Okay, that's okay, 2016, you know love win You're going to kiss statue, you kiss the bloody statue, okay? – To be honest, I understand I would also want to make out with Rock – I want one suit like this I like it

– Oh, I understand, they eat too many skittles now green Oh, taste the rainbow, cry the rainbow Why these people not my son (coughs) Or my boyfriend, huh, what? No Manjit, I coughing (coughs) – Okay, he need cream for his face, you see? Dry skin

– I like this video very much but this video make me feel very sad inside, okay? Because this boy more good looking than my entire family tree I wish I was K-pop I'd give this K-pop, A-pop – I understand, I understand everything This video about the education and respect

You have these two things, they put you inside Matrix I like this Korean pop BTS CL You want me do more reacting to K-pop, you comment below, you let me know which other AP, DL, DC, BJ, whatever, whatever you think, you put below – Hey, I hope you enjoyed that video

I truly hope you enjoyed that video because I know sometimes life can be stressful or days can be tough and I hope this video add a little bit of sunshine and a little bit of light into your day If you enjoyed it, please give it a thumbs up Comment below, letting me know what else do you want my parents react to Go check my last video right over there It's called Halloween in the Friendzone

My second blog channel is right over there Go check that out I do ridiculous things in my daily life Or sometimes I do nothing, whatever, check it out Also, make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday and I would love, love, love, love, love for you to be here

After that, have yourselves a beautiful day One love Superwoman, that is a rap and zoop I need to get me one of those scarfs, doe Just like swag – Ah, be-yen, missy, money, money, money, money

Go on with your bad self, BTS Blood, Sweat and Tear Bullet, bullet, bullet top select, ha-ya don't know More fire, fire, fire – Okay, thank you, goodbye, I must go now because my hair falling out, you see? Britches got me turnt

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