Boy-FRIEND Does My Makeup Voiceover (ft. Ryan Higa)

(unicorn hoof beats) – [Ryan Voiceover] Ooh aah I'm so cute

Hey what's up everybody it's your girl Superwoman So today I'm going to give you guys a tutorial starting off with smelling my hair It smells like oils Um hi, yup, said that already So yeah let's get this started

What you want to do first is start with these facial stretches This is called the monkey This one's called the no neck And I don't know what that one Oh we're ready to go apparently Here are my Listerine mints that I'm going to start off with Oh no it is a cream and I'm going to start rubbing that on my cheeks incredibly fast Have you ever seen hand speed like this before? Because I haven't

Damn son, done Next we have these two eyeliners They're my favorite eyeliners You always want to start with your false eyes See all five of them

What you want to do is put your eyeliner on your wrist first Then you're going to kind of rub it– Oh you're going to shake it up, no, you're going to rub it on your hand or shake it up, whatever you want to do I'm just showing both methods Throw it, throw that shit away, you don't need that See just put it on your hands, boom And then you get your paint brush

Same paint brush you guys used for your Father's Day paintings that we taught you last week So now we get to the application process As you can see you don't want to just paint it on your face Oh don't tell anyone this is a secret What you want to do is dab it everywhere

Fun fact this is where the dab came from It's actually from a makeup tutorial My makeup tutorial See? Wipe your chin because it gets itchy sometimes, hairs growing out So now you're done with your eyeliner

Next thing you want to do is your foundation This is a cream based foundation from Mac L'Oreal Oh it's so ticklish when you do your ears And you want to start off by contouring with the foundation on your jaw Yes, it gets repetitive

And you do that over Now you get your nose because you want to contour your nose to make sure it doesn't look flat Oh got a little boogie right there Don't want to get any boogers in your contouring So you continue to contour your entire face

I like to do it not in my hair apparently That's how you get dandruff Make sure you guys don't do that I like to get under my hairline folds for that nice LeBron look, and then I work on my chins So this is great for if you're starting to sprout new mustache and beard hairs, so you want to really get around that section to make sure that that doesn't show up

And yes I'm also starting to get chest hairs so what I want to do is cover that up with this ball This ball is basically like the fidget spinner for the 90s This is called a stress ball You flick that away once you're done And then you pull out your Father's Day paints again and what you want to do is start painting your eyes

Remember my favorite color is this one, which is literally invisible color because nothing's happening See, look at that There's literally nothing It's one of my favorites The whole point of makeup is so that you don't see it

You don't want to have too much make up or else people will think you're a clown So this makeup color is also called Nothing As you can see as I apply it, it actually looks like nothing is happening, but that's what we want, because you don't want to look like a clown So, done Next what we want to do is get this black toothpaste and shake it up a little bit because the last thing you want is clunky makeup eyes

So you pull your eyes back and I swear this is not a racist thing, this is a technique to put on eye makeup Ironically it originated in Japan So what you want to do is grab you fidget spinner pen, it's from Smashmouth, you know, ♫ Somebody once told me and basically you do that, sing that song in your head while you apply this to your eyebrows As you can see the difference between the side that is done and not, what it really does is bring out the caterpillar in your eyebrows and that's what you want to go for I don't know

See like I don't know This next step is called the eyelash squisher and yes, it is very scary and very painful See you've got to pray And basically you squeeze your eyelashes as hard as you can Ooh that hurts so much and you know it's uncomfortable but it's necessary to kill all the germs

After you sanitize your eye hairs what you want to do is coat them with this nice little eye hair conditioner You know it's like after you die your hair you've got to take care of it Next you want to put a little bit of spit on your eyes As you can see I used a Q-tip This is for that all natural spit smell

It gets all the guys, all the cuties As the saying goes, "With spit eyes you get more guys" It's a repetitive process but we're going back to the eye thing And this is the part where a lot of girls give up on because you don't want to do this over and over but I'm telling you, you need to do this as many times as I'm doing it because you want to have a very thick, dark coating around your eyes That's the whole point of putting on eye makeup, is that you don't have to squint when the sun's really bright

If you notice, football players do the same thing below their eyes They put eye paint next to their eyes so that they're not squinting and they can catch the football Same concept The next step in making makeups is to apply your powder and this is for your cheeks This is called blush powder and what you want to do is basically spread this all over your cheeks for that contouring look

It'll make you a little bit red like you had a couple drinks if you're Asian or if you spent some time in the sun for white people And then we're going to get to the lips Apparently I'm going to go with a nice bright red I really like this color because it brings out my pillows in the background I don't know if you guys can see that but it really does

And this is my famous cologne It's called Believe by Justin Bieber and I basically spray it on my face to make sure that I am always not dry (imitates kissing) And we are done so thank you guys so much for watching Check out the comment section so you can tell me how good I look And this is your girl Superwoman

Like I always say at the end of videos, tee hee – Yo hope you enjoyed that video If you did, give it a big thumbs up Not even for me, for Ryan, he did such a good job His link is in the description

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One love Superwoman That is a wrap and zoop

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