BLOOPERS: Why I Could Never Be On Game of Thrones

– This looks like a giant praying mant (speaks gibberish) Grasshopper thing (ball thumps) – [Man] Whoa! – And he dead! (laughs) ("Game of Thrones" theme) (record scratch) ("Game of Thrones" theme) – [Director] Scene five, take two Marker – [Woman] Do you wanna do one with the blower, or one without? – Yeah

(beep) Jon Snow (beep) Lord Snow (beep) Jon Snow Snow Snow

(beep) Jon Snow Snow What are some other words that they say in Game of Thrones? (crew laughs) Winter is coming Coming Coming

Winter's coming Winter's cumin (snorts and laughs) Winter's here My watch is ending Can I get this fixed? – You are in the presence of Daenerys Stormgood, house of Targaryen – Stormborn (laughs) – "Storm", "Storm" what? Its "born," not "good?" Sorry

Yeah, yeah – "Born", right? "Stormborn," right? – Stormgood! (both laughing) – (yells in foreign language) (Lily snorts) – Hmm, how can I make it sound Dothraki? – [Man] Like, harsher – Harsher? (yells in French) So French, but one of 'em will work (laughs) (growls in Dothraki) Frick! So close! (laughter) (growls in Dothraki) (speaks gibberish) Close I'm doing way better than anticipated

(growls in Dothraki) (blows raspberry) Häagen-Dazs (crew laughs) (speaks Dothraki) I'm saying "Häagen-Dazs," but that's not the line Häagen-Dazs Ben and Jerry Häagen-Dazs! (man laughs) (speaks Dothraki) (screams the line) (speaks Dothraki) (staff clatters) – [Woman] Yeah! – Or Dorne? (laughter) What? You giving me fake things to sit on? I can't move, I'm wearing so much leather! (in Irish accent) Enemies to the left, enemies to the right, and (in normal voice) Why am I Irish? I don't know Who'd I turn into just now? – [Lily Voiceover] 84 years later – (gasps) I'm ready to show my buttocks! ("Game of Thrones" Theme)

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