BLOOPERS: Awkward Body Problems Girls Face

– This what happen naturally Based on a true story, hos

True story I'm not even on that scene right now (upbeat music) The sweat of a Shamu (imitates water hissing) (beep) The hair of a waste yout' (beep) And a dash of humbleness

(imitates water hissing) (beep) And a full grown caterpillar Yo Kyle can I have your eyebrow? (imitates electric razor buzzing) (upbeat music) No Frig That's got to come down (laughing) (beep) That's what I love about my team

They're so great I'm like can we get a sign up there, and they're like, "Uh so, did you say let's go to lunch? "You want it to spell trash? "Hey can I get a seven and an exclamation mark?" Like I just want it to spell trash T-R-A-S-H So, you say you wanted a drink? Is that– Can you pass me a pound sign please? – [Girl] We have a C in this trash? (laughs) – They got plenty of Es, just no Cs – That's right up your alley

(laughing) (beep) The Lord of Light compels you (beep) Voldemort compels you (beep) Dumbledore compels you (beep) Lord Krishna compels you (beep) In the name of the father, son, cousins, extended family, neighbors, the random dude that says he's my uncle but I don't really know how

All of them compel you (beep) Krishna (beep) Hanuman (beep) Guru Nanak Dev Ji (beep) Shri Sai Baba

(beep) Swami Saranam Ayappa (beep) Diwali (beep) Santa Clause compel you Be gone! I'm trying to be inclusive You know in horror movies, they're never inclusive of all religions

The religion I grew up in, apparently they can't get rid of ghosts Apparently we're just doomed I'm going to straddle you – Oh my god, oh my god (laughing) – Babe, I missed you so much

– Do you think I should take my ring off – Yes take your ring off (laughs) Trash bag (beep) Did you send that email? – Not yet – Oh my god I asked you 700 f-ing times

Send the god damn email – [Woman] And action – Babe I missed you so much (beep) Babe, I'm so sorry PETA I know I'm violating a Shamu right now, but– (laughing) (beep) Oh

– I thought this scene was with Manjeet? – You'd like that wouldn't you? (laughing) Touch my booty and like it Do it, do it Damn straight (upbeat music)

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