Being the Ghost in Horror Movies

(horse clopping sounds) – Oh so you're not gonna marry me? Oh so you're not gonna marry me? Oh so you're not gonna marry me? – I'm gonna – I told you to stop sending me all these auditions, I wanna be a serious actor – Can you slate please, name and age? – Banshee Sharma, 204 – Okay, whenever you're ready (squealing sound effect) Nice, can you try it again just a little bit more PG13? (squealing) Okay, and give me a jump scare

(squeals) And can you tone that down? (squeals) Nice Let's say the ghost is just a little drunk (squeals) Cool And now she's maybe just hanging out with her friends, you know? (squealing) Thanks, we'll be in touch – Is there anything else I could do? Nose bleed? – That's fine

– Mouth full of bees? (buzzing sounds) – Really, it's fine – Okay Thank you so much for the opportunity (sizzling sounds) Oh, oh Wow, sorry, oh my god

Yeah She's totally gonna die in a few days Oh my god, my bad Where is my head these days? Oh, there it is – Thanks, we'll be in touch

– Thanks, bye Good luck doll – Thanks girl Annabel, two feet tall (solemn piano music) – You know, I just don't feel like I'm being challenged at work

(dramatic music) (screams) Now she's gonna run up the stairs (dramatic music) Now she gonna run fast and I'm gonna walk slow and I'm still gonna catch up (dramatic music) (sighs) Now she gonna hide in the closet (dramatic music) Now she gonna start crying (crying) Make sure you don't step on the squeaky

(dramatic sounds) Now go ahead and breathe too loud so I know exactly where you are (breathing heavily) Now I'm gonna pretend to walk away J

K Here I am Now she gonna beg – Please, please, please, please – I mean, I do have a great support system though

I am tired of waiting all day at home for him to come home All my ghouls, can I get an amen? – [Group] Amen – I'm waiting for him in the mirror, in the tub – Prune fingers – Under the bed

– So dusty – He is always late – As if you don't have other people to haunt – Google Maps says he works 10 minutes away Why it take you 45 minutes to get home? – Are you serious? – You got someone else scaring you? – The other day, I did something different with my hair and the priest didn't even notice

– No – He just ran, as if I don't have feelings – No – I said boy, I will make your nose bleed all over that brand new white shirt if you don't start respecting me – Yes! I entered the room the other day and this guy is Googling my origin right in front of me

– Jesus – Oh I turned my head 360 degrees and was like, "Oh, so you're gonna mansplain who I am to me?" – Stop with the Googling, the going to Cheers, cheers

And there's no diversity in my industry (dramatic music) (horror scare sounds) – Let the power of Christ compel you! – Oh here we go – Shall bow down to Christ – This is so awkward, I actually don't believe in organized religion, I'm more I'm more spiritual – I command you Satan – What is with the assumption that I'm Christian? – Take this holy water – Okay, that is just annoying

It's like no one even tries to understand why I'm evil So yeah, I get a little passive aggressive – Hello Who's there? – [Phone Voice] I shouldn't have to tell you – What do you want from me? – Ohh! So now you wanna talk

I feel used Like I'm just some sort of object (laughter) – [Director] Banshee, can you get to the set please? – Okay, yeah I gotta call you back, they want another sequel so I have to jump in this last scene, even though it doesn't make any sense Okay bye (sighs) – It's all over

The demon is for sure gone (squeals) – And cut That's a wrap guys, we'll see you on set for Tear Town Seven, The Haunting Of The International Space Station – Oh awesome That was fun, thank you so much

– That was so much fun It was so nice meeting you – Oh my gosh We should Give me your number, give me your Instagram – Totally, oh my gosh – Yeah, really fun, just really cool – Oh my god, that'd be so amazing

– Yeah no, you're really cool Thank you so much, okay cool Alright, bye I hope you enjoyed this video If you did give it a big thumbs up because I worked really hard on it

My last video's over there, my second vlog channel's right over there, and make sure you subscribe because you know I be making videos on here, I make them for you Do the god damn thing One love Lily, that is a wrap and zoom

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