Bank Robbery Gone Wrong (ft. Amanda Cerny, Inanna Sarkis, Sofie Dossi & Andrea Russett)

(magical music) (horse galloping) – Alright girls, let's go over the plan one more time First, Sophie will drive us to the bank, and wait outside until the job is done

She's the wheels Inanna will patch into the camera feed, and let us know our potential blind spots She's our hacker Andrea will enter and neutralize all potential threats She's our muscle

Finally, I will enter the safe using my explosive device I've created I'm the demolitionist (record scratching) – Guys, what about me? – Lilly! You are, um, you are the – She, um – She's the, the DJ

You're the DJ – We don't need a DJ – We need a DJ, because we need to get hyped up for the heist – Tight (suspenseful music) (car doors opening) (car doors closing) (seatbelt buckling) – Okay, do you have something for me to plug my phone in with? There, all set

Oh, no, I have the newer iPhone, this doesn't work Do you have a dongle? Do you guys have a dongle? Dongle, Amanda? Do you have a dongle? – No, I don't have a dongle – I don't know what that is – Didn't bring my dongle – You guys have a dongle? It's like a small, little, white dongle

No dongle? – Nope – Okay, you know what, don't worry about it I'll play it through my phone's speakers Look at us, already overcoming obstacles Okay and oh, yeah, I'm a little strapped for cash

I have the free version, but 10 seconds (distorted music and ad) It's gon' be sick – Hi, how's it going? (people chatting) I'd like to make a deposit, today (car screeching to stop) – Alright guys, you got five minutes to get in and get out

(sneaky music) (fast footsteps) – Wait, what the hell? – Sorry These only came in a pack of three – Oh, jeez Come on – Everybody, get on the floor

– Get down, get down! – Swear to God, if I see anybody move (phone alert) – Oh crap, my phone died Oh my God, I forgot how much battery Bluetooth takes Wow, I'm so sorry, this is so awkward Just give me one second

Don't you guys have a charger? – No! – As I was saying, – Does anybody here have a phone charger? Yo, raise your hand if you have an iPhone charger! – Keep your hands down! – Okay, just wink at me if you have an iPhone charger! Amazing! Come on, give it to me, give it to me, come over here – I swear to God, if you move I'll shoot – I am so confused! – You know what, I'll come get it! What is this? What is this, for an iPhone 6, I can't use this! – I'm sorry, I'm strapped for cash I spent it all on Spotify Premium – Three minutes left

– Come on – Damnit! Do any of you girls have a phone I can borrow? Amanda, Andrea? – Stop using our names! – Okay, so Inanna (mumbles), I know you got a dope phone, come on! – Are you kidding me? – (mumbles) X, perfect Wait, it's locked – What are you doing? – Stop moving! – Okay, I got it, I got it, I got it I got it

– Why? – Perfect I didn't wanna yell out your passcode in front of all these people Okay, Spotify Premium, big spender Someone was holding out in the car Oh, you're logged out though

Inanna, what's your password? – Shut up, shut up – Inanna, Inanna? – I'm not telling you my password! – I'll just forget password What's your childhood address? Is it the 132 Waring Lane one, or the 56 Lincoln Avenue? – Scream my address in front of everyone – Everything okay in there? – You know what, nevermind I'll just use your mp3s

Someone's already connected to the speaker Who has their Bluetooth on? Everyone take out your phone and turn off your Bluetooth! – No phones! – Just go really quick, she's not that good of a shot You know what, fine I'll do it myself – Who brought her? – Gimme your phone

Gimme this – At least get their wallet – Gimme your phone! – I'm just gonna go through the vault (speaker connecting) – Oh okay wait, I'm connected Which is the volume on this phone? (emergency sos phone alert) – Guys, some idiot made the call – We gotta go

– Crap, locked again! Inanna, I need your face – Get out of there – 911, what's your emergency? – We need to leave – Should I play Bye, Bye, Bye by NSYNC? – It's just Bye, Bye, Bye, three times – No, Bye, Bye, Bye by the group NSYNC

– Oh, copied – NSYNC, oh it autocorrected to nuisance Got it, got it ("Bye, Bye, Bye" by NSYNC) ♪ Bye, bye, bye, bye bye ♪ (police sirens wailing) – Alright, no sudden moves, alright? I need you to– – Sir, can I just go into my pocket really quickly and play a song? – Absolutely not! – I'll be really quick – If you move, I will shoot you

– Hey Siri, play suspenseful action music – Stop talking! – I couldn't find anything for play suspenseful action stop talking – Sir, could you just wait for me to finish talking before you start talking so I can do this really quickly? Hey Siri, play suspenseful action music – Talking is now a shootable offense – I couldn't find anything for play suspenseful action talking is now a shootable offense

– Sorry for the delay officer I was DJing another arrest down the block (slow depressing music) ("Bad Boys" by Inner Circle) (phone alert) – Does anyone have a iPhone 6 charger? – So Amanda does (stomping) (magical music) Yo, I hope you enjoyed this video with – Inanna, – Amanda, – Sophie, – Andrea! – I'm obsessed with all of them Make sure you subscribe to all their channels

They're down below because they're dope My last video's over there, vlog channel over there! Make sure you subscribe because we makin' videos out here! One love Lilly, that is a wrap and zoop girl love – How'd you just do all that?

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