Back to School Shopping With Cheap Parents

(unicorn neighs) – Okay, Lilly, remember, we only buying things on list, okay? What we buying? – Only things that are on the list that you made for back to school for me – Good

Okay, everybody stay together, okay? – Mom, look, I need these pens – Lilly, what we just talk about, huh? It's not on the list – But, mom– – Don't be dumb This what they do, okay? In front of store, they put glitter things to distract dumb girls like you Oh, my god, look at those shiny pots and pans

– Where's dad? – I love Target – I need these for our class They're on the list – No, list say primary colors only – But, mom, I need more than three markers

– Why? Red and blue make purple Why you need a purple marker? – Okay, well, they come in a pack of 10 – Okay, so, you make your own bloody pack Okay, look What you need, blue, one red, yellow

Look, okay, then you take some tape Look, borrow some tape Look at this, special, three marker pack 50% off Where your dad? – [Woman] Excuse me, do you know where the hangers are? – Oh, no, no, no, sorry – [Woman] And the detergent, I'm actually in a rush

– Aisle four – How many pencils you need, huh? You on phone all day texting, now you need a pencil? You shouldn't be making mistake in first place, okay? Oy, I buy you backpack last month – Mom, you bought me a backpack three years ago It's old, I threw it away – Oh, okay, now three years old

How you old you bloody are? Should I throw you? Put it back, it's not on list Lilly, look over there – Emergency staff meeting – No, no, I – Wow, look at this one, wireless Dyson, extra suction – I thought we were only getting things that are on the list – Come with five different attachment Let me see it work

– Is it on the list, though? – Wow, yup, I need this one for back to school – But, it's not on the list, though – [Both] The customer is always right – Oy, make sure to take care of these things, okay I'm not buying for you everyday

How much this pencil? – $199 plus tax – Dad, what are you doing? – Oy, you want any bag? They think I work in here, I give for free – There you go, look, a new backpack Yes, hello, you like this video? Give a big thumbs up because my daughter like to make back to school video because she in school, like, she bloody old

What the bloody hell you doing? Last video over there dumbhead Stupid, dumb vlog over there Make sure watch this stupid thing and subscribe We make new videos every Monday and, I don't know, Tuesday Okay, one love, Superwoman, da-da-da

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