Awkward Family Dinner w/ IISuperwomanII

Everyone I want you to meet my friend I met at the dog park You don't even have a dog Neither do I Hi I'm Angie, the mom and my wonderful husband Tony, who doesn't work for the mafia is in the kitchen And I'm Frankie your new boyfriend ayeeee Oh, no I don'tum Leave the poor girl alone! Don't worry he's never had a girlfriend Ma! Yes I have! And this is Lilly with two L's Wait, how did you know my name had two L's? I don't remember spelling it for you Oh, you didn't I was looking over your shoulder You got some text from someone named "Paramjit", saying "I can't fix this bloody phone it keeps playing 'Uptown Funk' every time someone tries to call me"? Actually, yeah that was pretty funny That was me I did that

Okay, Okay Why don't you relax Tony's in the kitchen making pasta fagioli, should be done soon Okay? Okay, great That sounds amazing, thanks

Oh my god, so I was at the movies this morningDo I have popcorn in my teeth? UhNo you're fine And I saw the movie with the one guy um Star Wars? No Krampus? No The Good Dinosaur? The Grinch! They were doing a special showing of it You kinda look like him Ha! She does

Now I'm not telling you the story Ah, oh no! Uh, please tell us Thank you So I was in line, I was getting my large coke, large popcorn, pretzel bites with the nacho cheese Nachos with the nacho cheese I was gonna get Twizzlers and Red Vines To compare! Because you gotta compare, exactly

Oh and let me guess the friends you were with, ate all snacks right? Ugh, I hate when that happens! Like "Hello!? We're supposed to be sharing" And they know how much I love Skittles No I went by myself Anyway, so the guy in front of me okay? I thought he was in line the whole time, guess what He was looking at everything in the case, wasn't in line So here I am standing here like an idiot

Are ya kidding me? That happened to me today at Target! I was like, "If you're not gonna buy nothing, get the f*ck out of the liiiiine! He was trying to make a decision! Shut up! And yeah, I'm originally from Toronto Do you know Drake!? I Oh my gosh, he is so fine! I wish he'd make my hotline bling if you know what I mean Ma! Frankie stay out of this your mother is having an assisted hot flash Hey, you have a boyfriend? UhNo and to be honest I'm not really looking either

Hey, you know what they say: that's when love happens You know, sometimes it's right under your nose will you least accept it You- you mean when you least expect You know what? No, nevermind You're right You got it right Right on the nose He does have a pretty big nose! T! You both got the same nose, now shut up and go help your father

Well excuse me, who's the one that borrowed my bra and stretched it out? I don't got big melons like you I got oranges okay? You got cantaloupes You should take it as a compliment Tina! Don't get me started Ma Oh, well you know what not all of us can have bee stings like you huh? Don't talk to me like that! And Tony where's the food at!? Our guest is waiting! Uh, actually you know what? I have to go blow dry my hair I TOTALLY forgot! What do you mean? It doesn't look wet to me

Oh, no it's just like this little ritual thing I have, and I also have to um I have to go put my dog down! Yeah I thought you said you didn't have a dog? Oh, I know right Actually no, I-I'm the President of Alaska and we have a serious dog problem, so

Isn't the President of Alaska the President of the United States? Oh, no um the Canadian part eh? Wouldn't that be the Prime Minister of Canada then? Yes In fact you're right that'sthat's me So I gotta go, but thank you so, so, so much for everything This was really great thanks You didn't even eat yet! Oh no, I'm so stuffed I am so stuffed, but thanks

Let's do this again sometime! Uh, yeah for sure Cool This was great Thanks so much! She was nice I know, right? Yeah, I don't know why she's friends with you

HEY! What! I told you that one time you brought that one friend over and Don't you get me started on my friends! Don't hit on my friends! That's the first rule! They're really pretty, hot whatever! Why don't you just both shut up I can't stand to hear your voices

Don't get into this! Don't get into this mom Don't forget to subscribe! Nic: Two adjectives Laci: Slimey, andsandy Nic: MmmMy two favourite Laci: [ Laughs ] Laci: You like that? Nic: I love it

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