Ariana Grande – Everyday | My Parents React (Ep. 23)

♫ I got a pimple ♫ Everyday, everyday, everyday (galloping) (chimes twinkling) (whooshing) – What up everyone it's your girl, Superwoman And I asked y'all what do you wanna see my parents react to and so many people said, (popping) Ariana Grande featuring Future, Everyday

And I literally just watched the music video today for the first time and it is epic So I cannot wait to see what my parents think about this music video Here we go (snaps) – Magic – Hello

– Hello, everybody Paramjeet – Okay – Yoop – Today we doing we doing reaction video

Thank you – To Ariana Grande – Grande Not small, Grande – Oh, same girl sing that song, right? Wrecking Ball

Naughty – Everyday ♫ I come in like wrecking ball – Same girl – Every single day – F-T Future

– (gasps) Oh my god They going to travel through time That's it – Okay, play – Oh, okay

She slap Chris (spits) Too! – Bye, Felicia His name actually Chris but I know internet LOL – Who this guy? Santa Claus on vacation? (chuckles) – Already, not even 10 second yet and already doing shame-shame

– He giving you good poo-poo? – It's so cold that you wearing winter jacket but not cold enough to actually wear the winter jacket? – Oh, oh, oh, okay Okay They kissing or he doing CRP? CP CRP (blows) – Ariana (laughs) – This is very aggressive! – What the bloody hell! – What kind of carwash this is, huh? – Oh, yeah, what the bloody hell you people looking at? You should be praying Or calling police, "Hello, crazy people escape jail" – Wait, wait, wait, wait

He get it everyday? Everyday? – Okay, laundry Good, thank god Maybe you put your brain in washing machine and clean that so dirty – Oy, you wearing the jacket or you not wearing the jacket, huh? Make up your bloody mind – Why Justin Bieber making out with this girl? – Oh, oh, oh! That's a two female, doing a interaction

That's okay Love win, okay? That's right, I'm not racist – Everyday, everyday? Don't you have bloody job? Ariana – You know Paramjeet never let me do laundry like this – Should I call your mother? Where these people mother? – Okay, good, good

They at office, law office to sue all these bad people – Little Wayne, huh? – Oh, hello Drake – Oh, okay, oh, oh Where the bloody hell is HR, huh? – Oy, oh, oh, oh! This is not appropriate office behavior, okay? Uh! (gasps) – Now you wasting tea? That's it I hate this video

(laughs) – This is not how you use photo copier, okay? – Ariana – (laughing) Okay, thank you Oy, oh she doing like Emilito (screams) – What language he speaking? – This english? – Ah, good, yes Go home

– No, no, no, no, no, no, no Why this old man from Disney movie Up on bus kissing old girl, why? – (gasps) Grandpa? Grandma? – Yo supposed to be doing balloons – (gasps) My god – Not those balloons – This why you should sniff glue

– Drugs – This why God is mad – This why we can't have nice things – You know what you should have every day? Baptism Detention

Exorcism – This why Trump is president – You see this one? I'm going to hit this laptop Apple, okay? Make it applesauce, you so dirty (sighs) – So bloody dumb We never even went to future

– Everyday, everyday You get the outfit now? You see why I did this? I'm not just naked for no reason You know, brejin It's so hot Yo, before I go I gotta tell you that I officially released my tour dates for How To Be A Bawse

I'm going on tour starting the end of March All around the world Cities and dates and stuff are in the description Tickets are on sale right now LillySinghBook

com/Tour They're almost sold out so go 'head and do that You can also pre-order my book at LillySinghBookcom Really, really cool news If you buy tickets to my show, every person that walks in is gonna get something

Every show 10 people are gonna get a golden ticket If you had a golden ticket you're gonna get a private reading session with me and ten other people where we just chill out So everyone that buys a ticket to my show is qualified for this to any of my shows So go 'head and do that And now I'mma shut up and do the end card thing

Here we go (slams) (chimes twinkling) If you enjoyed that video you know what to do Give it a big thumbs up Make sure you comment below, let me know what else you wanna see my parents react to My tour announcement video is right over there if you wanna check that out

My second vlog channel, right over there Make sure you subscribe 'cause I make new videos every Monday and Thursday One love, Superwoman, that is a wrap, and zoop

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