Annoying DMs Girls Get

– Oh my God, I know this rant is so shadowy I'm sorry

I don't have my lights, sue me What up everyone, it's your girl Superwoman And honestly the best and worst parts of my life are getting DM's because sometimes I'm like aww, yay, friendship, and then other times I'm like why is everyone so stupid and annoying And honestly I go from one to the other almost immediately I'm talking DM's on Twitter, Instagram, Bumble, Pinterest

Whatever the eff y'all using these days You're sure to experience the following Number one: the old friend with a favor I can't help but notice that ever since becoming Superwoman and not just Lily, my inbox is full of these You know what I'm talking about, that one random that messages and you're like I am not actually sure how I know you and they're like "Remember me?" And I'm like don't play yourself, okay

I don't even remember what I had for lunch, let alone who I sat beside in Grade five social studies (playful music) (phone dings) Jessica? Who the hell's Jessica? – Hey girl, long time, remember me? From grade three English? – Uh, yeah sure, what's up? – Oh, you know, nothing, just thinking of you And I wanted to let you know that I started my own business and I was hoping you could help me spread the word? – I, dude, I don't even remember– – Yo, Liza, what's good? – Okay, it's Lily – Yeah, yeah, my bad yo, auto correct Listen, I know we haven't talked since I never showed up for that date a long time ago but I just dropped a fire mix tape and I wanted you to buy it for $5

(intense hip hop music) – No, I– – Hey, I see you're friends with The Rock I was wondering if– – Dude, no, leave me alone Jeez, ugh, effing people man (beeping) Hey, what's up man? I know we haven't talked for a while but I was wondering, do you have an extra PS4 controller I could borrow? Let be real though, okay All of us are this basic hoe every once in a while, eh heh

Number two: the weird uncle I feel like weird uncles are exclusively on Facebook, right? I feel like they haven't figured out Twitter and Instagram yet Thank you Jeebus! Heres the thing, right, I know my uncle on Facebook is like trying to be sweet and supportive like "Good job, good job" But really they just end up being creepy and a little too persistent (upbeat music) (phone dings) – Hello dear Lily, this is your uncle

What you doing? – Nothing, just trying to be relevant to my audience What's up, uncle? – I see your photographs on Instant-gram Very nice, God bless you – Thanks – Lily, can you do one tagging of me please? Hello, Lily you there? This your uncle

Okay, I like your post, God bless you – Yo, uncles are the types of people on Facebook where like they do not catch the hint They're just like "Hello, Lily? "Hello "You there? "You there? "You there? "You there?" (laughs) Number three: group of randoms I swear to God, I hate, it doesn't matter what my privacy settings are on

Every once in a while I am somehow included into a group chat full of people who are complete strangers to me Sometimes it's on Twitter, sometimes it's on WhatsApp, it's definitely on Instagram And you're just like, there's 17 conversations going on right now It's just literal torture Why do bad things happen to good people? Ah, nice and relevant

– Archie, and our friendship– (phone dings) – OMG, you added her– – What time are we meeting? – This is crazy – Did y'all hear the new BTS song – That is so relevant – And which location? – Are you there? Are you reading this? – Everyone's gonna be so annoyed – It's ladies free before 11:00

– Wait, who is this? – Who left? – Stop adding me back – Here's the thing, right? You can't even leave You know what I'm talking about right? You're like, if I leave it's gonna say (mumbles) has, that's your username (mumbles) has left the conversation And then they're gonna know that you were actually there in the first place

And that you proactively left So then you have to just sit there, just be like lala, lala, lala, lala, la, maybe no one will notice me if I say nothing How has no one made a horror movie about this yet? It is literal hell Number four: the hot guy Okay I promise, I'm 100% not biased when I say this but I just think factually, scientifically, the guys that I think are cute, they just say less annoying things

Am I right? Scarbro, which eye shadow should mummy use? (phone dings) no, don't lick it – Hey, you up? – How sweet It's so nice to meet you – Hey, you up? – Ew, creep, such a stalker Who just messages random people on the internet? Am I right? Am I right? I'm right, right? (laughs) Number five: the BFF meme exchange

By far, the best DM experience one can have See because this is a low pressure situation, where it's you and your closest friends, and you're allowed to be your ratchet, hoe self without judgment Yeah can I order one $10 hamburger and then one $10,000 hamburger Yeah thanks (phone dings) – OMG, lol, this is so us

– Dude, yes! – Too accurate, like check this one out – (laughs) Yo, us at Kevin's birthday, – Me when I saw Kevin though – You mean this? – Oh damn, – Lily trying to wear heels? (laughs) And the BFF meme exchange is exactly why I can't be taking people seriously online, when they're so offended by everything and so PC because I'm like, ya know what, I guarantee in your BFF meme exchange, you's nasty, politically incorrect, busting all kind of jokes that are offensive to all types of people Don't play yourself Oh, you're so PC? Let me see your BFF meme exchange

Show me your phone Show me you're closest group chat Ya liar Anyways, the point of this video is, clearly from the skits, I'm so relevant and trendy so you should probably click subscribe Are you still watching this? Yo, if you're still watching this, and I still have you're attention, I also do vlogs

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That is a rap and zoop!

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