Acting Out My REAL Childhood Stories (PART 2)

(neighing) – What up, everyone? It's your girl Superwoman, and it's story time with Lily! I thought I would tell you my childhood stories through acting them out Wait, you know what? This video's pretty long

To be continued, boom! One of the reasons I'm so big on feminism and empowering women, especially young girls, is because growing up, I had to hear things like this – Girls shouldn't whistle Girls shouldn't dance at weddings Girls shouldn't talk too much – So now, I've made it a point to do all of those things

Why? Because when something is unjust, you don't just repeat the cycle of wrong No, you make it right So, ahem (whistling) I've had a lot of really good days in my life You know, meeting The Rock, meeting Selena Gomez, traveling to some dope countries

But still, one of the best days of my life remains You got me an N64? (screaming) (burping) N64 is the best system of all time, closely followed by Super Nintendo Do not at me on this, do not debate me on this I will 007, Mario Party, Banjo Kazooie your blood clot! On that note, a lot of times, when people hear the way I talk or see the way I dress, they assume I'm trying to act like somebody else, and that couldn't be more wrong When I talk the way I talk and dress the way I dress, I am being completely myself, and that is because I was born and raised in a place called Scarborough

My school was filled with black people and South Asian people, which means that everyone knew how to speak Tamil, everyone knew how to speak Jamaican Patois It was expected of everyone, and that's what we knew Our school dances only played reggae, dance hall, soka, rap, and hip hop So if I didn't act the way I act and talk the way I talk, then I'd be acting like someone else Ya dig? You don' know my youth

Snitches get stitches, ya hear me now? Speaking of stitches, I've had a few In fact, once my head cracked open on my birthday It's my birthday, and I get some birthday cake! (screaming) ♫ Happy birthday to Lily ♫ Happy birthday to you! True story, I was running up the stairs on my birthday and I think I got distracted by cake or something and I fell and cracked my head open My mom fainted in the hospital because they were stitching up my eyelid You see that, you see that right there? That's why my eyebrows can never be on fleek

That, and because I never get them done I've also gotten stitches on my hand Basically, there was this computer game named Jill of the Jungle, where this girl, she would swing on vines in the jungle So during recess one day, I was like, yo, we're playing hide and seek, I'm gonna hide in this washroom stall, but I don't want them to see my feet, so I'm gonna swing on the coat hook, just like Jill of the Jungle Yay! It went through my hand

Ow, help me! Mrs Parks! (screaming) Yeah, I was just hanging there with my hand through the coat hook Boom, the receipts! Yeah, I got injured a lot as a kid, but one of the most memorable times was when I got a new bike, and I wouldn't admit that it was too big for me So I was riding the bike and I fell into the bar crotch first, and I was like, mm, that really hurt So I went into the washroom, and: Mom! Now, I know what you're thinking, and no, it wasn't my period, but there was still blood everywhere

And at that age, I didn't get why my mom was so concerned, and she was outside the washroom door just like, "Please, God, make sure she didn't bruck up her uterus "You know I only had kids so I could have grandkids" It turned out I just got a cut in the area That's right, you see, normally girls only have to experience that pulling down the underwear and seeing blood once in their life But me, nope, twice

I had a pet cat named Oreo, and he was my best friend! And then he ran away Your my bestest friend in the whole, entire world No, no! (crying) I was so devastated about it, but his favorite food was Lucky Charms, so obviously, I knew what to do Now we wait Spoiler alert, I never found him

It was fine though It was actually extremely painful and traumatizing, to be honest In school, I was an overachiever, and to be honest, the teacher's pet I was even valedictorian in grade eight, and also very naive And I just know we'll be friends forever, because that's how real life works

(applause) A moment of silence for all the friends we thought we'd have forever In grade 11, my family moved from Scarborough and to another town, but I still kept going to the same high school, but had nowhere to go after school, because I couldn't go home So, I used to go to my best friends' house, and they were two Tamil twins So, basically, I was part raised by a Tamil family, which is why I'm so proficient in the language, and I can pelvic thrust like my life depends on it (Tamil music) – [Woman] Oi, Lily, come down and eat! – Mummy! (speaking in Tamil) Being an overachiever wasn't just in school

No, in life in general, it used to really bother me, and continues to really bother me if I don't do a really good job at something Back to that obsessive behavior So, even my first job at Harvey's, which is a fast food restaurant, even though it was a crappy job, I was like, no, I will be the best employee ever (heavy electronic music) Your burger and fries, ma'am – [Customer] Took you long enough, loser

– Have a great day! As I grew up, I had a bunch of jobs, and they were all kind of crappy The worst, though, was when I worked at a collection agency Lord help me! Hello, I'm calling about your outstanding payment – [Man] Shut the (censored) up! You (censored) suck my (censored), you (censored) – Okay

Hi, hi, yes, I'm following up on that outstanding hydro bill, remember me? – [Man On Phone] I'm a little busy right now – Oh, oh my, did you want me to call you back? I could call you back in like two minute? Or, like, five? I don't mean to be offensive How long do you think you need? I don't wanna assume Not to mention the boss was 100% verbally abusive – Hey, what the hell are you doing? Are you stupid, are you crazy? You're wasting my money

Are you mental? – Aka, the type of boss that I will never be in my life Yo, shut up, I'm trying to make a video, you stupid! I'm just kidding, there's no one here I'm all alone! (laughing) And that's my childhood in a nutshell Of course, except for all the other dramatic and really heartbreaking stuff that happened But this is a comedy channel

I'll save that for my episode with Dr Phil Hey, hey, now that you know me, the ins and outs of Lily Singh, the person behind Superwoman, go ahead and click subscribe, because, yo, I'm clearly a well-developed, awesome, kind-hearted, talented, sexy person that you should support, so not only click the button, hit the bell that sometimes will notify you Probably not, to be honest, but it might Okay, go on to the end card, get out of here! Yo, sorry to cut this video in two, but I did it, and it was like 100 minutes long, and I was like, my bad! Wanna see more videos like this, right over there

Second vlog channel that is lit, right over there And make sure you subscribe, 'cause I make new videos every Monday and Thursday One love, Superwoman, that is a wrap, and zoom!

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