5 Reasons You WILL Succeed

– Where in the world is Superwoman today? Italy! Buongiorno What up, everyone? It's ya girl, Superwoman, and I know what you're thinking, "What the F are you doing sitting in front "of a Window's XP Desktop?" I'm at this dope camp in Italy, and it's so inspirational, and I feel so motivated, so I decided to make this very serious, adult, mature vid– Shut the bomboclat up! Ragin'

The bomboclat waves– Cha Very mature video called Five Reasons You Will Succeed And before I start, I want you to envision, close your eyes, but also like look at me at the same time, maybe only close one of your eyes, kind of like this, I want you to do this, and envision your goals, your dreams, what you want to accomplish, vividly imagine it Now, I'm going to tell you why you will accomplish that Number one, tech

Do you realize that we're absolutely spoiled brats to be living in the time that we're living, where all information is literally at our finger tips, like you can learn anything with a mouse And if your house doesn't have rodents, like you can use a computer How to install a baby seat? Google How to tie a tie? YouTube How to practice for a job interview? BuzzFeed

How to lighten your armpits? I mean, what? No no, I was asking for a friend How to find a boyfriend? What? Who is going through my search history? Sexy guy to– Stop, stop! Can I ask you a really honest question? What possible excuse could you have for failing, when everything you need to know is readily available to you? This is a privilege that previous generations did not have, which is why your parents raised you in a weird way and you're kinda effed up Whatever you wanna do in life, research the f out of it You have an endless library And in the words of Arthur the Aardvark, having fun isn't hard if you have a library card

Indeed, Arthur Indeed Having fun isn't hard if you've got a library card Number two, parental unit Chances are, if you're watching this, you're in a pretty decent life situation

You know, you've got a computer or a phone, you've got WiFi in which case yo, hey, you wanna go through my search history? And chances are you have all of this because your parents worked really, really hard and put a lot of time and energy into providing for you For example, my parents are immigrants, and I get reminded at least once a week that my dad came to this country with four dollars in his pocket working five jobs Every single week And a lot of my success is because of sacrifices my parents made and the work that they put in I had a cheer squad since day one

Squad goals And I feel like the average person can relate, you know? Unless your parents are like crackheads and stuff, and your dad was a douchebag, in which case, this whole part of the video might just be really frustrating because maybe you're Mowgli and you got abandoned in the jungle In which case, my bad But I'm sure you had somebody there since day one that's had your back, and you're going to succeed because they put in work for you So the next time you slack or don't wanna work hard, know that you're not just wasting your own time and energy, you're wasting the time and energy of the people who supported you

And you don't want them– Aye! Little Mermaid with the bomboclat! Number three, you're dope AF! Yo, check this out, right I'm about to blow your mind No one on this planet is crazy in the same way that you are crazy No one is you No one has the same characteristics as you, which means no one can do exactly what you do

Even if two people are doing the exact same thing, they're not going to do them in exactly the same way It's impossible Two dancers can't dance exactly the same Two artists can't paint exactly the same Two doctors will not heal people in exactly the same way

That's just the bloody facts, okay? I know what you're thinking, "What the F, Lily? "Why are you being so Tumblr?" Let me explain though If no can be exactly like you, that means it doesn't make any sense for you to compete with other people The only person you have to compete with is the older version of yourself Ah, stay with me You are going to succeed

Are you ready for this? You are going to succeed, because the world is waiting for what you have to offer Because no one else can offer exactly what you have to offer And if you don't work hard and you waste that opportunity, it's like you didn't show up to a job interview that you already had in the bag So don't be dumb, yo That be dumb

My camera! Number four, or rather, Four! (laughing) You're a homo sapien Do you know how amazing that makes you? We're a homo sapien sapien? Sapien twice? You're a homo sapien sapien, obviously You know how dope that makes you? Human beings have this natural, amazing desire to do more, push limits, and be ambitious It's the most annoying quality we have, but the most amazing quality we have That's why we went to the mother effing moon

That's why we're exploring Mars Do you think that's easy? That takes time, money, and effort People are doing that, do they not know Netflix exists? That's why you wanna catch so many imaginary Pokemon Is that a Dragonite? Out of my way Is that it: Dragonite? I just wanted to be included

I'm not really sure if it's Dragonite, it's just– Dragonite, is that it? Can somebody Google this? Ya see, technology You are going to succeed, because you are a human being and it is embedded in your DNA to push further and want to succeed Yo, remember that time that humans made the Taj Mahal before there were any legit machinery? Those are your brothers and sisters Don't waste that energy So congrats on being a human

That's a great start on your path to success Because, straight up, there are too many human bodies that have a sloth work ethic You are a human, act like it Number five, you have a struggle Everyone has struggle they're passionate about

Mine is mental health because I was a sad person and I wanna talk about those issues I'm also a really big believer in feminism because I know what it feels like to be treated lesser because I'm a female Maybe yours is racism, because you've experienced racism Maybe it's anti-bullying because you were bullied Maybe it's animal rights because you live next to a slaughterhouse

Maybe it's cancer because someone you know lost a battle to cancer You will succeed because you recognize that within your success lies the ability to help those causes Because let's be real, let's be real, people who slack and don't do ish don't change the world But you, you wanna change the world, and you wanna help those causes that affected you and effed you up Now, I'm gonna stop saying you will succeed, and instead I'm gonna wait for you to show me you will

Or rather, show yourself you will succeed Because you have everything you need More power to you Yo, I hope you enjoyed this video I know it's not like my usual videos, but I'm just inspired by everything happening in Italy

I'm sorry for the sound, but what's the lesson? Success doesn't come without resilience Also, maybe Lily should invest in proper audio equipment That's besides the point I have two awesome things to tell you One, if you like the way I think and you like the ideas I talk about and you like all the tips and tricks I give you, you can pre-order my book called How to Be a Bawse

The link is in the description Triple w dot lilysinghbook dot com So do that if you like the damn thing Also, second cool announcement related to Bawse, is my signature Bawse lipstick in collaboration with Smashbox will now be available in the following places: Sephora, and shoppers in Canada, and Sephora, Ulta, Nordstroms, and Macy's in the US I also have two appearances in Toronto on August 5th and August 6th

The links are in the description All the information is in the description So yo go check that out, and if you didn't like this video, I'm sorry I'm on a beach in Italy, I'm eating pasta, I ain't got time for this what you mean? Shout out to homeboy for holding the camera Acting like a tri-pod like a boss, you know what I'm saying You wanna check out my last video, it's right over there

You shake the tri-pod on purpose, you motha effer, I appreciate you You wanna check out my last video, it's right over there You wanna check out my blog, it's right over there Make sure you subscribe, because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday And yo, honestly, from the bottom of my heart, I'm not talking crap and saying this stuff because it sounds good

You are gonna effing succeed You're gonna do it And I'm so happy that I get to experience it at the same time that you're gonna change the world I'm patiently waiting Bye!

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