3 Unicorn-Inspired Braids Feat. Lilly Singh

(upbeat music) – My hair has always been very long, yes When I was in elementary school people would stop and stare at me because they'd never seen hair as long as mine

It's me, I've just had it my whole life And to be honest a lot of people always tell me to cut it They're like your hair is so long It's not this, it does look nice this way And I think it's kind of become my staple thing and my statement and I'm like I really like it

I think it tells a lot of my personality Because it never listens It's so totally wild and all over the place Over the last couple years I learned that beauty really does mean what makes you feel good And I know this because when I started my YouTube videos my first 20 of them, I tried to be something I wasn't

I tried to have great posture I tried to do my makeup, which I don't really know how to do And I tried to be something I wasn't and I think I started to get a lot of comments about like hey you look really good in this video when I just started to be myself and when I started to smile genuinely, show all my little quirks and habit It's about feeling good and being confident That's what beauty is to me

To my younger demographic that is struggling with body image I would say that it is completely normal You're not weird for feeling that way I felt that way when I was growing up I think everyone feels that way at some point or another I think it's important to remember that you're one person in a world of seven billion and everyone's different, and that's what makes people awesome

Imagine how boring it would be if we all looked the same and I can totally relate because when I was growing up I had really hairy arms and I had one eyebrow, and all those things, that I used to feel so insecure about it But all those little things make you you and you should not only be yourself but be un-apologetically yourself, because dude no one is like you like everyone else is taken Embrace who you are, you're awesome (upbeat music)

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