2018’s Hottest Accessory | LIMITED EDITION

(horse galloping) (logo whooshing) (funky techno music) – Yeah! – What's going on guys? It's your girl Lilly here, live on scene to report about the latest craz to hit the city People have been waiting for hours to cast their votes in hopes of scoring one of these

(funky techno music) – Okurr! – We're gonna get into office We're going to make some positive changes – [Man and Woman] Yes! – I have a voice – [Lilly] So, tell me how long have you been waiting for? – 8 hours But it's worth it

– The 2018 I voted Midterm Elections sticker is the newest drop this year Collectors, old and young from across all socio-economic classes have their eyes set on the prize – Hey! Hey mom! – I cannot wait to take a selfie with my new sticker I mean, if you don't take a selfie, did you even vote? Not to mention after this, I'm totally going to go to Starbucks and get a discount Democracy is a vibe

– Yeah, I've been a sticker-head for like 8 years now I'm trying to swipe me a sticker before my crew gets one Gotta be first, you know – Got this one in 2012 I waited 6 hours for it

Still in mint condition People try to buy it off me all the time but there's too much sentimental value See, admit those vintage color ways bro (hand claps) Roting – [Lilly] What are you most excited for? – Skipping class, duh

Voting is like a legit reason to miss class I just gotta show my teacher my sticker after and it's all good – [Lily] Okay, yeah What about the part where you have a voice in our democracy? – Yeah, that too – [Lily] Any advice for people turning 18 and becoming first-time sticker-heads? – Alright well, first off

You wanna get the best stop in line? You gotta register to vote I know it's annoying but you gotta get it done Go to voteorg – [Lily] Yep, a lot of people don't know that

– (scoffs) That's right That's because they don't want you to know that part But every single person's gotta register Yeah, I like to bring my ID just in case, you know, 'cause every state is different (scoffs) You won't catch me slipping

– Ugh, my boy Gabe already got his sticker man He went to a poll up in the Valley Goddamn man, I need to move to get that kind of access – I got it! (crowd cheering) Brr! – Yo yo Heard the poll five blocks over has limited edition Yeezy I Voted stickers

Man, let's go! – You heard it here first Get yourself a fresh I Voted sticker by registering to vote now Yo, save me a spot – [Woman] You're Canadian – I still care! (dramatic thud sound) (glittery sound) – Yo, I hope you enjoyed this video! Obviously, I'm just trying to be comedic but voting is very important! Register to vote

If you want to vote, register, voteorg is where you gotta go Make sure you do it, it doesn't take that long, it's easy! You gotta vote, right guys? Vote! – Vote, vote, vote! – You have to vote! – Vote! – Go vote! – Vote, vote, vote! – What are you doing? – Vote, vote! – Go vote, right now!

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